A Must-Have Collectible for all Iron Man Fans!

It’s a hot button topic and a controversial debate, the likes of which can be heard raging across the land, from playgrounds to college dorms to boardrooms. This question has preoccupied the public for decades: Who, truly, is the best superhero?IronMan

Well, with the third installment of the Iron Man franchise finally in theatres, enthusiasts everywhere are rejoicing with gusto. For all you fanatics out there, we found the best way to celebrate the movie’s release (short of building your own iron exoskeleton suit, that is!).

Direct from Stark Industries comes the latest in Iron Man technology — giant Iron Man PEZ Dispensers! Featuring the mask of your favorite high-tech super hero, this PEZ candy dispenser stands over a foot tall. Tony Stark himself would agree — it’s a collector’s item of epic proportions. It stores up to 12 PEZ candy rolls — that’s enough PEZ to fuel your crime-fighting energy for weeks!

You can also catch up with Iron Man’s entire Avengers crew with these Themed Candy Stick Packs, each featuring a different character from the team. It’s a sweet treat that’s both action-packed and yummy!

Superheroes always make for a fun party theme, but if Iron Man and the Avengers aren’t your particular cup of super tea, then why not check out some of our other character candy selections? From Spiderman Light-Up Spinners to Batman and Superman Gummy Pops, we’ve got heroes to fulfill your every party need!

Keep the villains at bay — explore the rest of our Superhero Candy options here!

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