Anderson Cooper, Urine for a Treat!

Anderson Cooper Tries Formula Pee!image-126609

Looks like Formula Pee has a new fan! Sort of.

While Anderson Cooper might not have seemed entirely pleased with the concept of yellow liquid candy in a sterile urine sample container, he was still a good enough sport to give the sour stuff a try.

And ok — the idea may seem a little gross, but come on Mr. Cooper, that’s the fun of it!

If you’re looking for a unique finishing touch to a Medical or Nursing School graduation party, look no further! Urine Samples will provide buckets of laughter (just remember to empty your bladder before there’re any real accidents!).

And if pee isn’t quite your cup of tea, take a gander at these Mini Blood Candy Pouches! Realistic enough to warrant an inquisitive investigation, these pouches are actually filled with a yummy cherry gel!

We’ve also got Jelly Filled Gummy Brains and Bloody Candy Bones to make for delightfully sweet (and slightly uncomfortable) additions to any candy dish. The introduction to human anatomy has never been so tasty!

Go ahead and hang on to these ideas for Halloween, as well — gross-out candies will also make fun display items for a haunted house or festive buffet table this October!

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