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Our Giant Gummy Dune Diorama Gets Internet Famous!

Any readers of the Dune saga out there? If so, you’ve probably enjoyed our gummified diorama of Paul Atreides riding the giant sandworm. Our creatives had a lot of fun recreating that scene with our favorite medium (why, candy, of … Continue reading

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Enhance Your “Promposal” With Candy!

Are you looking for a date to prom? Gone are the days of bashfully slipping the girl or guy of your dreams a sweet little note reading, “Prom with me?” That, candy lovers, is just not going to cut it … Continue reading

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Have you ever seen poultry quite so groovy? This peppy Hippy Chick does a lot more than merely shake her tail feathers — wind her up and watch as she waddles her way across any hard surface… then leaves delicious … Continue reading

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Peeps Freaks Unite!

Calling all our Peeps! How do you enjoy those fluffy, sugar covered marshmallow treats — fresh, squishy, and straight out of the pack? Maybe a few days old and a little stale? Dipped delicately in chocolate, or perhaps even immersed … Continue reading

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A Unique Candy Buffet for Your Special Day!

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue… and how about something sweet? Make your special day as perfect as can be with a little bit of appetizingly ornamental magic! An all white candy buffet makes for a unique and … Continue reading

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This Playoff Season, Score a Sweet Slam Dunk!

  Whether you’ve got a severe case of March Madness or the NBA is more your style, we know you’ve got some b-ball on the brain. So this season, allow us to assist… with some sporty candy, of course! While … Continue reading

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Celebrate Spring with an Easter Buffet!

Back in 16th century Germany, children were told a nice bunny rabbit would bring them candies and eggs each Easter if they behaved well all year. So in preparation for the generous hare’s arrival, young girls and boys would create … Continue reading

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Shop Like an Early Bird This Easter!

    Chickies and bunnies and eggs, oh my! Looks like it’s that time of year again. Plants are budding, flowers are in bloom, and baby animals run rampant across our hearts and imaginations. Rebirth and renewal are everywhere… and … Continue reading

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Timeless Candy Classics!

  One of the greatest things about tasting a beloved childhood treat is its ability to transport you back to a simpler time, where the definition of pure bliss was nothing more than a bite of your favorite candy bar … Continue reading

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Jelly Bean Lovers, Unite!

    Do you have a passion for jelly beans? A minor addiction to those chewy little ovals of goodness? When you go to bed, do visions of jelly beans dance in your head? Well, it’s about time we Jelly … Continue reading

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