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Pops for Your Pop! (And Other Candy, too!)

Stumped as to what to get your old man for Daddy’s Day? Well, let us let you in on a little secret… Real men love candy. Heck, everyone loves candy! So do your dad a solid and get him something … Continue reading

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Throw a Beach-in’ Party!

Planning a summer beach party? Well you shore-ly can’t spend all your time picking out appropriate candy for the event —you’ve got much bigger fish to fry! (Perhaps quite literally.) So allow us to help: rainbow-hued treats make a fantastic … Continue reading

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Commencement Candy and Graduation Goodies!

Do your graduation party plans seem to be lacking in the decorative department? Need a little more pomp to go with all that circumstance? Well we’ve got just the thing! Set up an entire buffet based around your school’s colors with … Continue reading

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Praise-Worthy Party Accessories for the Discerning Dessert Display!

The candy buffet: a decorative and delectable masterpiece. The candy is the star of the show, of course, but where would any good production be without its supporting cast and crew? Well, in this case, in a large pile in … Continue reading

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Make this Mother’s Day Extra Sweet!

Struggling to plan the perfect Mother’s Day? Why not treat Mom like a queen by showering her with treats! We have all her favorite flavors and colors, as well as various other sweet selections. Check out some of our top … Continue reading

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One-Click Pink Candy Buffet!

Candy buffets are a hot party accessory, a dazzling addition to any event, and a tasty, trendy decoration for every occasion. But… they’re also a lot of work. You’ve got to pick the color you desire, select the candy you … Continue reading

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Our Giant Gummy Dune Diorama Gets Internet Famous!

Any readers of the Dune saga out there? If so, you’ve probably enjoyed our gummified diorama of Paul Atreides riding the giant sandworm. Our creatives had a lot of fun recreating that scene with our favorite medium (why, candy, of … Continue reading

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Enhance Your “Promposal” With Candy!

Are you looking for a date to prom? Gone are the days of bashfully slipping the girl or guy of your dreams a sweet little note reading, “Prom with me?” That, candy lovers, is just not going to cut it … Continue reading

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Have you ever seen poultry quite so groovy? This peppy Hippy Chick does a lot more than merely shake her tail feathers — wind her up and watch as she waddles her way across any hard surface… then leaves delicious … Continue reading

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Peeps Freaks Unite!

Calling all our Peeps! How do you enjoy those fluffy, sugar covered marshmallow treats — fresh, squishy, and straight out of the pack? Maybe a few days old and a little stale? Dipped delicately in chocolate, or perhaps even immersed … Continue reading

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