Back to School Sweet Candy Fashion!

Autumn is just around the corner, and if you have a kid, know a kid, or are a kid, you definitely understand what that means — it’s time for back to school shopping! You can’t head into the new school year without some cool, hip gear. Like last year, everyone is bound to be rocking the same en vogue trends, so why follow the crowd? This fall, show off your own unique (and sweet!) look by ushering in this back-to-school season with supreme, sugar-inspired stylin’!

Eschew those boring dresses and pants; we hear the biggest trend of the moment is comfy, casual candy couture! If you’re a fan of intense fruity flavor, then why not let the world know by wearing a glittery Starburst Juicy Goodness T-Shirt? Or, if chocolate M&M’s are more your style, get sassy with a Miss Green M&M tee!

Everybody needs a little bling for the big schoolyard return. Whether you’re ga-ga for Gummy Bear Earrings, jazzed by a Jawbreaker Necklace, or crazy for Candy Bracelets, there’s a design to suit your every fashion taste bud! But don’t take that literally, as these adorable charms are made of rubber, acrylic beads, or plastic, and are thus meant to be eye candy only. Wear ’em, love ’em, just don’t eat em!

You may be eagerly awaiting the beginning of the new term, or a bit bummed to see summer come to an end — either way, you can still get excited for the yummiest trends to hit the hallways since sugar-coated sliced bread! Shop our entire selection of Candy-Themed T-Shirts or Candy Fashion Accessories today!

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