Beat the Heat with CandyWarehouse!

Citizens of counties experiencing record high temperatures all over America this summer: we've got your seasonal snacking covered! Since there's only so much ice cream and limited popsicles that you can consume to try and beat the heat, we're letting you know about some super cool candies we have in stock that might take your mind off of the current steamy climate. From frozen treat-flavored Chupa Chups lollipops to heat-defying, shiny red Twizzlers with a sweet strawberry taste, we've got plenty of sugary snacks to keep you smiling.

Does it feel like it's High Noon no matter what time of day it is? Saddle up with our Western Lollipops and get snacking despite the weather being hotter than blazes. Shed your chaps and spurs and escape the dusty Wild West heat with some sweets specially designed to invoke the utmost refreshment. Gummies in the form of seaside star creatures will give you a taste of breezy beach-side bumming with their sandy sugar textures and sun-bleached pastel hues.

That reminds us, we named Gummy Starfish Candy our Candy of Week today! Because you know we carry the coolest and freshest candy products around, we've started to spotlight one special CandyWarehouse candy that we're freaking out about on Facebook. We're sure you'll love it just as much as we do! Just like us on Facebook and watch for our weekly posts every Tuesday to appear in your newsfeed. It just might make your week to see something this cool and sweet served up to you and ready for your shopping cart. Don't delay, you can order these confections today! Be sure to visit our Facebook page to catch any previously spotlighted items that you may have missed from us made on Tuesdays past.

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