Cake Tiling with Starburst Minis


Hi! I’m Sue Gillerlain, and I am stopping in to guest post. I have been writing about candy for more than a decade in print and digital formats, so I know a little bit about the sweet stuff. Actually, I’m sort of obsessed with it. :)

I am also the founder and editor of, which is a new blog devoted to all things sweet: sweet recipes, sweet party ideas, sweet new candies, sweet shops, and creative people who are making the world a sweeter place … one chocolate chip at a time.

Today, I’m delighted to bring you this fun and easy cake-decorating project just in time for summer!

Cake Tiling with Starburst Minis

While surfing Pinterest over the last few years, I have seen so many beautiful cakes dressed in vibrant candies like Sixlets, M&M’s, Skittles, Necco Wafers, candy pearls, rock candy, and more.

Every time I see one, I think, “I should try that,” and then my ambitious thought floats into Neverland.

Neverland no more! It’s summertime, and my “Big Sky” list bullet-pointing everything I want to try this summer is set. Bring on the candy cakes!

With no time to waste, I quickly baked a simple yellow box cake (I used two 8-inch cake pans) and covered it with canned white frosting. Don’t gasp. Based on my gingerbread house decorating experiences over the years, I know I can trust a canned frosting’s stick factor. The stuff has serious tack.


Since I am oddly fascinated with tile, and spent weeks agonizing over a tile pattern for my own kitchen, I had to try my hand at “tiling” a cake. The perfect medium? Starburst Minis.


I love the colors of Starburst Minis: sunny yellow, bright orange, hot pink, and muted rose. So, away I went, tiling row by row, using up one 8-oz. bag of Starburst Minis. I found the process to be highly therapeutic, so I highly recommend!

For a finishing touch, I got out my needle and pink thread and sewed (literally) pieces of candy together to create a cake bunting. Using an edible black pen, I wrote out a birthday message on the stitched tiles, and hung them between two wooden BBQ skewers. I tidied up each end with a yellow ribbon.


So simple and so fun for kids of all ages to try!




P.S. – Starburst FaveREDS Minis will be rolling out in 2015! Each 8-oz. resealable pouch will include four different fruit flavors (fruit punch, watermelon, cherry, strawberry) in four shades of red. I feel an ombre cake tiling project coming on!


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