Call a Candy Audible for Your Next Tailgate Party!

College-Football-hdrHuddle up, team, because college football premiers this week. If we plan to go all the way this year, we’ll need something better tasting to chew on than last year’s old mouth guard. And in order to taste the sweetness of victory over our rivals, we need to first… taste actual sweetness. Here are coach-approved treats that are sure to bring us the TDs we need to win all season long.

Football is about brawn, speed, and power. But like all great sports, it’s also a mental game. There’s no better way to get inside your opponent’s head than by punctuating your on-field trash talk with a fruit-flavored Football Sucker in your mouth, just like Kojak himself. Because nobody wants to be insulted Telly Savalas-style.

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Before the snap, you have to look fierce while facing down the opposing team on the line of scrimmage. And there’s nothing more fierce than minty fresh breath. Pop a few Football Wrapped Buttermints in your mouth before getting into position, and let the wintery freshness waft their way. The momentary hesitation caused by their garlic breath embarrassment will be to your advantage when the ball is hiked.

The force of smashing into a defensive lineman is enough to turn any delicious confection back into powdered sugar. Luckily PEZ makes a protective dispenser for their bite-sized candies. Luckier still, these College Football PEZ Packs will keep your sweets safe while showing off your school spirit during the game.


This season, we’re ready to do an end run for the end zone for some serious, spike-worthy points. Avoid the dessert table hail mary at your next tailgate or football party by stocking up on these festive football candies today!

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