Candy Blood Bags: The Perfect Prom Accessory for the Carrie Reboot

Let’s face it, blood is pretty cool. It’s red and scary, and people get super upset when you dump a bucket full of it on them at prom. But it’s also hard to come by. Sure, there are several liters of it quite literally at your fingertips, but getting it out can prove to be quite fatal. Even if you manage to get your hands on a quantity of real blood, it doesn’t keep for long, it can be full of disease, and it tastes horrible.cherry-liquid-candy-blood-bags-127135-im2

But CandyWarehouse has the solution: Cherry Liquid Candy Blood Bags! Featuring drippingly delectable cherry liquid candy in a very realistic looking transfusion-ready blood bag, these packs of syrupy, sanguine candy fluid are a hemophobe’s worst nightmare.

Imagine coming home from a long day’s work to find a loved one sucking whole blood straight from the bag, claret red dripping down their chin like some hunger-crazed vampiric creature. There just might be some fainting involved.

If you can’t stomach an entire unit of cherry flavored blood in one sitting, there are also Mini Blood Bags Candy Pouches. image-130290

These adorable crimson sachets are the miniature counterpart to their larger cousin and contain just enough sugary blood to scare.

Plus, their the perfect size to toss into your purse or clutch on your way out the door.

See red, but taste cherry!

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