An Amazing Selection of Classic and Unique Candy Corn Confections!


In the 1880s, a man by the name of George Renninger changed Halloween forever when he invented a three-toned treat he called “Candy Corn.” Each individual piece of that uniquely-textured, chewy sweet was originally crafted by hand. Today, the National Confectioners Association estimates that 20 million pounds of candy corn are sold annually — it has certainly come a long way from its humble origins! In fact, the treat has grown so popular that it can now be found in any number of crazy seasonal forms… and we love every. single. one.

Let’s start things off with the tried-and-true original version. Brach’s Candy Corn, with its creamy flavor, has been a staple in Halloween-loving households for generations. Or, try out Jelly Belly’s take on the traditional treat! Using a 100-year-old recipe, this gourmet sweet is a true taste of candy corn excellence.

Feeling adventurous? Get a little funkier with corn of a different color. These Starburst Candy Corn pieces come in cool, neon colors, complete with a spectacular burst of fruit flavor in every bite! Or, if you love the goodness of fire-roasted marshmallows, try a handful of this S’Mores variety!

And if you’re a creative soul with a penchant for curious candy, we also have the seasonal favorite in entirely unexpected forms. Taste the yummy flavors of that tri-toned treat in handy candy lollipop style! Or check out these White Chocolate M&Ms, coated in the classic colors of candy corn.

There’s a variety of corn for every taste bud this Halloween.

Check out our entire Halloween selection here!

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