Delicious Skull-icious Candy… Just in Time for Halloween!

Skull-licious-hdrWhere would we be without our trusty skulls? With our brains leaking out onto the floor, no doubt. Sure, you can wear a hardhat, a helmet, or a really durable toupee, but nothing is on the job 24 hours a day like your trusty cranium. Why not reward that hardworking braincase by shoving some delicious candy into it?

During Halloween, we have a special sweet spot for the scariest of skulls. After all, our own are complete with hideous teeth, eye, ear, and nose holes! Thank goodness for skin, am I right?gummy-skulls-candy-130071

Contemplate your horrific viscera with succulent Gourmet Gummy Skulls. Nibble on one to reveal the cherry filling hidden inside!

Or, if you’re a bit hemophobic, reach for boney Skull Pops. These two-sided noggins were imported from the local medical lab and feature lip-smackingly sweet grape and strawberry flavors.

giant-gummy-skull-131420If you’re seeking a prop like the one in Hamlet’s famous graveyard monologue, or maybe you’re just looking for macabre memento mori, the World’s Largest Giant Gummy Skull is guaranteed to elicit terrifyingly marvelous cranial enthusiasm. Use this cherry flavored novelty to frighten trick-or-treaters, or slice and dice slabs to serve to unwitting party guests.

To appropriately celebrate Dia de los Muertos (aka Day of the Dead), stock up on Day of the Dead Candy Toppers to accompany traditional calaveras de

The brightly colored hard candy is perfect for decorating cookies and baked goods, or using as edible confetti on a Halloween candy buffet.

Shop our full selection of skull sweets and treats!

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