Disney’s Planes Has Soared into Theaters!


Planes, Disney’s latest animated adventure, is a movie set in the same universe as the animated automobile blockbuster, Cars. And it’s in theaters now!

If you’re as excited about this high-flying aviation sensation as we are, then why not celebrate the film’s release with delicious, fun, and useful candy?

Awesome Lite-Up Airplane Fan Pops are our current aeronautic-themed obsession. Each pop has a flavorful, fruity lollipop on one end (delicious) and a toy model airplane on the other (fun) that lights up with spinning propellers at the push of a button (useful)!lite-up-airplane-fan-pops-128498-im

Satisfy your sweet tooth, see in the dark, and keep cool all at the same time. What more could anyone possibly want in a treat? Plus they’re the most festively flight-worthy way to celebrate Disney’s Planes.

Elevate your film-viewing delight with a lollipop that truly soars above and beyond the rest!

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