Do You Like Purple?

purple cand6ypurple-line-01teenee-beanee-jelly-beans-napa-grape-133435-emA combination of the warmest hue (red) and the coolest shade (blue), purple is often believed to be the ideal color. Long used as a symbol of royalty, it is said to represent good judgment and peace of mind. And guess what? It’s also a fantastic color for candy! Gaze upon the mauve-ulous american-fish-purple-132227-emsplendor of our lavender candies and prepare to have a plum good time!

Looking for something chewy? Napa Grape Jelly Beans are a perfect purple accompaniment to any candy bowl. And these All-American Gummy Fish will fit in with the other sweets just swimmingly.

With their tender chew and faint grape flavor, these fluffy Lavender Marshmallow Puffy Poles are sure to steal the spotlight. Keep them in good candy company by including Purple Rock Candy Strings and Huckleberry Salt Water Taffy!

Lavender-Puffy-Poles-131055-emOf course your purple party could use purple-polka-dot-candy-bags-132536-emsome vivacious violet accessories! Let guests take home those pleasantly periwinkle delights in a polka dot treat bag. And peppy purple candy scoops are pretty handy for shoveling the sweets — we can dig it!

Want more purple? We’ve got plenty!

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