Don’t Go Bacon Our Hearts!


There are only two kinds of people in this world: those who love bacon, and those who love bacon but won’t admit it. And no matter which side you fall on, this much is clear — when bacon and candy collide, magic happens. So go ahead and bring home the bacon… check out some of our sweet favorites!

Didn’t expect to find real bacon on a candy website? Well, we’re in the business of happy bacon-jelly-beans-131785-emsurprises! These Bacon Bark Chocolates are made with real hickory smoked bacon, slathered with delicious milk chocolate. It’s a sweet and savory delight that won’t go bacon your heart.

Or go ahead and get adventurous with bacon-flavored sweets! These Bacon Jelly Beans are like chewy versions of your favorite breakfast food, while Bacon Hard Candy Sticks are a strip of savory sucker delight. For the most audacious meat-lovers, we even have Bacon-Flavored Crickets! These crunchy, crispy insects pair bacon-suckers-133365-emalmost as nicely with eggs as the real thing.

Look, since we’re equal opportunity sort of people, we even have bacon that vegetarians can enjoy! These Bacon Shaped Lollipops are flavored delightfully of mixed fruit. There’s not a lick of bacon in sight, but feel free to lick their bacon-y shapes to your heart’s content.

Are we bacon you crazy? Check out more of our silliest sweets here!

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