Enhance Your “Promposal” With Candy!



“Prom would be so much SWEETER if you went as my date!”

Are you looking for a date to prom? Gone are the days of bashfully slipping the girl or guy of your dreams a sweet little note reading, “Prom with me?” That, candy lovers, is just not going to cut it any longer. If you really want the apple of your eye to agree to spend a fun, end-of-high-school evening with you, then you’re going to have to go all-out in your display of sweet affection. Hey, you don’t have to be ready for marriage to create one of the dramatic, award-worthy proposal performances our YouTube-obsessed decade has begun to encourage. It’s called the “Promposal” folks, and it’s the only way to go to formal this spring!

Want to sweeten up the idea of the dance? Add a little candy to the whole shindig! Better than regular flowers, we have delicious candy blooms and chocolate roses. One member of our creative team was even “promposed” to back in the day by way of Hershey’s Kisses… a whole display composed entirely of them! But if the idea of roses and Kisses is too cliché for high school romance, try getting more creative by way of giant signs and sassy puns.


It’s not a real proposal, so why use a real ring? Ring Pops are the way to go!

How about a vase full of gumballs or Hi-Chew, along with a cute note reading “I CHEWS you”? Or maybe try a pile of mints with a letter stating “We are MINT to go to Prom together”! We also like the idea of a a locker stuffed with bags of gummy bears, accompanied by a note saying “Prom without you would be unBEARable,” or an entire collection of Dum Dums announcing “I would be a DUM DUM not to ask you to go”! So get creative and have some fun with your promposal. Just don’t forget the candy! (Because seriously, who could say no to candy?)



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