Equip Yourself for the Hunger Games!

hunger_gamesThe Quarter Quell is about to begin. Are you ready?

We’re so pumped for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, that we’ve been popping these Atomic Fireballs like there’s no tomorrow… and now our mouths are on fire (but it was totally worth it!). To celebrate, our Candy Elves have even been staging their own (non-lethal) adaptation of the Hunger Games. The best part about their version? It doesn’t leave you hungry at the end!chocolate-covered-insects-packs-125461-im2

To secure victory, you must ensure that you will be the last person standing. So take aim with a Marshmallow Stryker to strike fear (and marshmallows!) into the hearts and mouths of your opponents. And when you’re not battling for your life, you’ll probably want to be in hiding. We hear you can’t always trust the berries, so if the urge to snack sneaks up on you, opt instead for the wildlife! Bugs, to be exact. We’ve dunked ours in chocolate to make a crunchy snack all the more satisfying!

No matter how you should choose to celebrate the new movie, remember to always keep some sweet sustenance on hand. And, of course, may the odds be ever in your favor.

atomic-fireballs-candy-130050-im2 stryker-marshmallow-shooter-131545-im1
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