Fashion a Festive Fall Candy Buffet!

Autumn-BuffetFalling leaves, football games, and Thanksgiving celebrations featuring turkey-themed creations. Put all this together and what do you get? The official start of autumn, of course! And there are few better ways to enjoy the cool harvest days than with a beautiful fall-themed candy buffet.

Lollipops are always a favorite in any candy display, especially when they are as pretty as Autumn Leaf Pops. Or embellish your candy creation with a variety of fall-colored Hypno Pops Lollipops in red, orange, and yellow!

We also know a jolly group of autumnal ursine treats willing to join the festivities. Autumn Gummy Bears feature festive shades of brown, yellow, and orange, making them the best-dressed bears of the season.

And no harvest candy buffet would be complete without the signature flavors of fall. Make sure to stock up on amazingly addictive Jelly Belly Autumn Mix Jelly Beans and delightfully delicious Caramel Apple Milky Way Miniatures!

For more inventive ideas for your holiday candy buffet, check out our entire selection of Autumn and Fall Candy today!

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