Get Ready for Summer with a Candy Carnival!

Summer Carnival Graphic

Step right up, folks, and venture into our Candy Carnival Bonanza! Our variety is vast, but one thing’s for sure — if you’re looking for that summer sugar fix, you’ve come to the right place! And unlike those normal Summer Carnival games, we guarantee you can never lose with our candy selections.

Between the funhouse and the circus tents, the rides and the games, carnivals are a swirl of colors and excitement — a lot like this Assorted Salt Water Taffy! In ten different colors and flavors, this whipped taffy will melt in your mouth and exhilarate your taste buds.

Ice cream is a fun summer treat, but let’s face it, on warmer days, it has a tendency to melt all over your hands. When you need a sweet treat to lick without dealing with all the mess, reach instead for an Ice Cream Bar Lollipop! With goofy smiling faces and yummy fruit flavors, these pops will lighten up the brightest summer afternoons and the darkest circus tents.

For a delightful twist on a carnival staple, dare to try out Cotton Candy Pop Rocks. These tiny candy pieces boast all the flavor of that sweet, feathery favorite, in an explosive crystal form — sure to tingle your tongue, quite literally!

When you finally win that ring toss game (after your 27th attempt!), you’ll probably expect a large, fluffy prize for your troubles. So why not try one of these Pink Puffy Poles Marshmallows on for size? Twice the length of a standard marshmallow, with a delicate strawberry flavor, these magnificent puffs  make for a great accolade or consolation gift.

For more festival favorites, be sure to check out our Summer Carnival Candy selection!

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