Get tickled pink with this sweet selection of colorful candy!



Pink is the color of happiness, youth, and serenity. Psychologically, the shade is said to stimulate energy, action, and confidence, which is one reason it was chosen to represent Breast Cancer Awareness. Pink is said to encourage friendliness, and we think pink makes an ideal color for candy! So let this rosy selection of sweets tickle you pink!

Hershey’s Hugs, featuring raspberry and white chocolate flavors, get gussied up in shiny pink swirl wrappers. The only thing sweeter than these delicious chocolate Hugs are actual hugs (and kisses) themselves!

If gummy goodies are more your style, check out these fashion-forward Strawberry Pufflettes Gummy Bites. Each sugar-coated gum drop, bedecked in a sweet shade of cerise and white, is the perfect, popable, bite-size shape.

Of course, magenta isn’t just for treats. This adorable Nerds plush animal is pretty in pink with her sleek, fuzzy coat and squishy, huggable frame. Munch on some Nerds candy and cuddle with her as you catch up on your quantum physics. Or, if you prefer style to studies, try on a pair of these Pink Gummy Bear Earrings. They look and feel like the real thing, but they aren’t edible, which means you won’t be tempted to take a bite out of your new favorite baubles!

Whether you’re looking to encourage action and confidence, or simply create an all-pink candy buffet, look no further than our Shop By Color menu to discover a bevy of “mauve-ulously” hued favorites!

Be sure to check out our entire selection of pink candies!


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