Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

girls-party-hdrLooking to throw a party girlie enough to make even Hello Kitty herself green with envy? From adorable accessories to tempting treats, you’ll be tickled pink with our wide selection of party planning essentials. We have all the sweets and supplies you need to fashion a fabulous fete!

If your little ladies have royal aspirations, then this Princess Party Set is a must-have for any celebration. Complete with candy necklaces, bracelets, rings, and lipsticks, each pack is sure to provide hours of regal fun. And don’t forget to include colorful Diamond Candy Gems, because no castle is complete without a pile of precious (and delicious) candy stones!

For dainty dancers, ballet slippers make a cute addition to the festivities — especially when they’re made of creamy milk chocolate! Each pair of Foiled Chocolate Ballet Shoes comes in a sheer pink bag, making them perfect for decorating as well as take-home gifts for guests!

Who wants to play dress-up? Candy lovers of all ages will adore Gummy Bear Earrings and Gummy Bear Necklaces. Just note, these trinkets may appear tasty, but they’re actually made of rubber! So while you can’t munch on them, you can be certain that their chic charm will always be in style!

For more festive party inspiration, check out our full selection of Girl Themed Party and Princess Themed Party candy and supplies today!

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