Grab This Season’s Hottest X-Men Accessory!

Wolverine-giant-pez-hdr-02X-Men (and X-Men fans) unite! The release of the newest superhero installment starring Wolverine is just around the corner. And if you’re X-Men fans like us, the anticipation is excruciating!

You can make the wait a little more bearable by celebrating with Wolverine himself. But if you can’t seem to score a meeting with Hugh Jackman, we have the next best thing!

This Wolverine PEZ dispenser is absolutely gigantic, measuring over a foot tall — that’s enough room to hold 12 packs of everyone’s favorite fruity PEZ candy! Best of all, this X-Man is more than just a “pretty” face… he can actually talk! Tilt his head back and you’ll receive both a pack of candy and clever Wolverine words of wisdom.wolverine-giant-pez-candy-dispenser-12in-126701

And since Wolverine PEZ doesn’t have limbs, you needn’t fear the wrath of his retractable adamantium claws each time you take his candy!

See Wolverine PEZ in action now!

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