Hello Kitty, Hello Candy!

hellokittyShe’s cute and cuddly, but let’s get right down to it: Hello Kitty has no mouth. They say it’s because she speaks with her heart (and the language of love is universal, of course), but the real issue here is more pressing than that. We must know — how can she eat sweets?!

Well, whether or not we ever learn the answer to that, we’ll show our own thanks for having a mouth by showing you some of the delicious stuff you can put in it. Hello Candy!


hello+kitty+lineIf you’re looking for a life-size Hello Kitty, don’t hesitate to introduce yourself to this Giant PEZ head! Standing over a foot in height, she holds 12 PEZ candy cartridges at once — now that’s what we call a cool cat. Or, if you’d like something on the smaller size, this pack of collectible Kitty PEZ figures should do the trick.

Marshmallows are as soft and squishy as we imagine Hello Kitty would be. Better yet, they’re also edible! These luscious lollipops are actually made of fluffy marshmallow goodness and crafted in the cute likeness of Hello Kitty herself. Or try a handful of these Strawberry Marshmallow Puffs! They have Kitty’s stamp of approval (and her picture on the front).

All fans of Hello Kitty need a Hello Kitty fan! And delicious Jelly Belly Jelly Beans are never a bad idea, especially when they’re this adorable.

Want more? Invite unique Hello Kitty candies to your next party!

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