It’s a boy’s party — no girls allowed!


It’s a boy’s party, and there are only three rules:

1. There must be an everlasting supply of candy.
2. No girls allowed.
3. Did we mention there should be lots of candy?

While we can’t help with rule number two, we can surely help with rules one and three with our giant assortment of boy party themed candies!

It’s his party and he’ll play with his food if he wants to! And luckily, these confections make for an easy exception to the typical “use your fork” rule. Sucker Punch Candy Lollipops and Bubble Gum Filled Trucks are toys and treats all wrapped into one — and sure to provide hours of party fun!

If you’re creating a playful battlefield arena, arm your little soldiers with this Classic Stryker Marshmallow Shooter and let them take part in the sweet, squishy action. Marshmallow ammo is less painful than paintball beads, less messy than water guns, and far more delicious than either combined!

And if girls happen to show up to the festivities, try grossing them out with some extreme candy! Green Gummy Boogers are tangy and chewy… not to mention they look and feel just like the real thing! And for the most daring of guests, take a bite out of Chocolate Covered Insects. Each crunchy creature has been dried and then smothered in either milk or white chocolate. Now there’s some good eatin’!

Check out our full selection of boy party themed candies!

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