It’s Time to Get Smurfing!

Have you heard the news? The new Smurfs 2 movie is set to debut on July 31, and this time, everyone’s favorite blue friends are hanging out in Paris!

France is actually a fitting location, as the original Smurfs comic was written in French (where they went by the name “Les Schtroumpfs”).

Along with the fancy location, this movie will also introduce new characters known haribo-the-smurfs-gummi-132486-bagas the Naughties. More pale than their blue counterparts, these guys are like mischievous versions of the Smurfs.

And whether you’re Naughtie or nice, there’s no better way to celebrate the movie’s release than with Smurfs Gummi Candy! These adorable, bite-sized Smurfs are chewy, fruity, gummy versions of the loveable blue cartoon characters. Each bag features Papa Smurf, Jokey Smurf, and Smurfette!

So as July 31 nears, munch on a handful of Haribo Gummi Smurfs to soothe all your Smurfy-related cravings!

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