It’s Time to Party!

Time-to-partyWant to party like it’s 1999?!

Of course you don’t. That was nearly a decade and a half ago. It’s time to party like it’s 2013, and with the holiday season on its way, we have the supplies you’ll need to amplify your candy buffets and keep the festivities going well into the New Year!

Whatever the party, there’s a pom for that! Whether it be a Halloween bash, winter bonanza, birthday celebration, or bridal shower, you can spruce up any soiree with a flirty and fun poof! Full of pomp and panache, these pom poms are far from pompous. Fluff them up like a spherical flower to hang from ceilings, or unfurl just one half to use as a wall ornament — these poms are a fantastic way to fill the vertical space above a dessert table. From yellow and green to light or bright pink, there’s a color for every occasion, and in two different sizes (8 inches and 14 inches) you can mix and match styles and shades to fit any candy buffet theme!

It’s no surprise that we love candy here at Perhaps that’s why we like piñatas so much… we can bash at them with a stick until the candy comes raining down upon our heads like a sweet, sweet waterfall. So this Halloween, why not spruce up your holiday with a piñata or two? Take a bat to this grinning skeleton head to free the candy inside, or invite Frankenstein’s monster to stay for a spell — you’re guaranteed to have a witchin’ celebration!

It’s party time — check out our other soiree supplies here!

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