Leprechauns Rejoice!


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Searching for your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?

Yeah, we haven’t found ours yet, either. But who needs gold when you could have sweet, sweet, St. Patrick’s Day Candy instead? This holiday, fill yourself up on treats delicious enough to make even leprechauns green with envy! (The pot of gold can wait.)

Save yourself from being pinched this Paddy’s Day by stocking up on green candies! Green Foiled Chocolate Shamrocks are festive treats perfectly suited for filling candy bowls. Bonus: You can always keep the wee ones busy by telling them to hunt through the sweets for a four-leaf clover! They won’t find any but hey — everyone wins when it comes to chocolate. And it’s never a bad idea to keep a few St. Patrick’s Day Wrapped Buttermint Creams on hand to freshen up that breath after too much corned beef and cabbage. Or use them to fill this Shamrock Piñata, then take a shillelagh to it for a bloody good time!

Seeing leprechauns yet? If not, you probably want a bit more Bailey’s in that cup o’ yours! For a delicious, chocolaty spin on that smooth Irish cream flavor, try a bite of these Bailey’s Liquor Filled Chocolates, featuring rich milk chocolate with a touch of real liqueur. Or if you’re looking for a fun non-alcoholic beverage with a twist, then it’s your lucky day! Simply add warm water to these Luck O’ The Irish Hot Chocolate Cauldrons to create a deliciously festive green-hued hot cocoa!

Celebrate Emerald Isle-style with our other St. Paddy’s Day picks!

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