Create a Breaking Bad-Inspired Candy Buffet!

halloween-buffet-hdr-680-blogYou’ve just stumbled into the creepy lab of a mad scientist… so, now what? Images of Frankenstein begin to dance through your head, but don’t panic. This could be ok. Try to keep calm and take in your surroundings. Test tubes and beakers, most likely filled with poisonous concoctions, bubble over with a mysterious smoke. Skulls dangle from the ceiling. Bowls are filled with… bloody brains?!?!

That’s it. You can’t expect to leave here without losing a finger… or a piece of your frontal lobe!

Drawing inspiration from all the boiling flasks, distillation funnels, Bunsen burners, and experiments of Breaking Bad, the Candy Elves decided to get in the spirit of their favorite holiday by creating a Mad Scientist-themed Halloween candy buffet! And you can wow your friends and family at your next Halloween party by making an amazing candy buffet of your own.

Get started with some beakers, test tubes, and flasks… and then double the excitement by filling them with candy! We think Creepy Peepers Filled Chocolate Eyeballs make a good choice for a spine-chilling design. Eye-shaped chocolates are stuffed with delicious peanut butter, caramel, or fudge — but you don’t need to tell your guests that! And no creepy candy buffet could be complete without a gushing bowl of Zombie Blood. Squishy packs of the green liquid look like real IV blood bags… but don’t worry, it’s merely liquid lime candy inside! Halloween Peeps in the shape of marshallowy ghosts are always fun guests to invite, and Creepy Teeth Candy Packs will help set the mood any time. Enhance the whole scene with some Halloween Hanging Foil Swirls, they’re just the right amount of spooky shine!

halloween-buffet-680-blogRemember as well to adorn your candy display with orange and black hued favorites. Brach’s Candy Corn is a chewy Halloween staple that looks delightful in a candy bowl, and Hypno Pops Petite Lollipops in black and orange will lend the illusion of dark magic to any table display. Throw in a dash of Licorice Hard Candy Sticks and a pinch of Orange Fruit Jell Slices, and you’ve got enough ingredients to create a hauntingly stylish candy buffet!

If you want to add some eerie smoke to the whole scene, you can always tuck away some dry ice in inconspicuous areas of the display. Just remember that unlike the rest of these goodies, dry ice is not great for eating.


We used plenty of candies in our Halloween buffet. Check out the full list for more ideas!

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