Madonna Hard Candy Album Release Tuesday April 29, 2008 works in conjunction with Primrose Candy of Chicago, Illinois to develop the special edition box sets for Madonna’s latest album “Hard Candy” distributed by Warner Records. With hard candy making commodities such as sugar, corn syrup, and flavoring facing record price surges, this beaten down segment of the candy industry finally caught a break this week with the help of Madonna’s latest musical release “Hard Candy.” The queen of pop included the most classic of all hard candies, Red & White Starlight Peppermint candies, in special limited edition album box sets. The initial order of candy bags for Warner Records required more than a truckload of these yummy candy favorites. No elitist dark chocolate for Madonna…. she’s made working class hard candy cool again. Her album cover even features a giant pink, white, and red swirling lollipop. and Primrose Candy worked with Madonna’s team to develop the perfect retail package for the box sets. A small number of exclusive sets included 2 other types of hard candy: assorted rods candies and fruity pinwheel candies. Overall the project was a success and the album packages hit store shelves on schedule. “Hard Candy” was officially released in the United States on Tuesday April 29, 2008.

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