Make Back-to-School Sweeter!


Back to school? More like back to cool! (Ok, bad joke. Forgive us, our brains have been on break for the summer.) But if your little tykes aren’t quite feeling the back-to-school spirit just yet, then make the transition to early wake-up times and late-night study sessions a gummi-brains-ff-131480little bit sweeter with some of our tasty classroom candies!

Make packed lunches more exciting! Milk is even tastier with Got Milk Magic Straws, which add fun flavor to the nutritious drink. Gummy Brains are known to inspire learning with their nibble-able neurons and sweet cerebellum (plus, at 50% off, they’re half the price and twice the smarts!). And we all know the best way to follow up a hotdog lunch is with its gummy counterpart!

Nothing makes homeroom stink more than sitting next to a classmate with bad breath. image-125692Make sure all your little learners are equipped with shareable Mentos Mints, so they can focus on the chalkboard rather than their mouth-breathing seat partner.

And who can start off the new school year without a good word pun? Celebrate all the Smarties and Nerds in your life with candies of the same name!

Want more back-to-school fun? Check out the rest of our selection here!

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