National S’mores Day has Arrived!

Smores-DayIt’s time for a CandyWarehouse PSA (aka “Perfectly Sweet Announcement”):

Saturday, August 10th, is officially National S’Mores Day!

This special day is one of our top 10 favorites. We just can’t wait to crank up the campfire and start roasting delicious marshmallows!

We don’t settle for just any plain ol’ marshmallows either. Our number one choice is Puffy Poles Jumbo Marshmallow Twists. Twice the length of your average ‘mallow, these fluffy sugar pillows have a supremely subtle fruit flavor, which adds a delicious and colorful twist to the standard chocolate-and-graham-cracker concoction.

And our go-to roasting utensils are none other than Telescoping Toasting Forks that come in blue, purple, and pink. The handles feature a rotisserie knob you can rotate with your thumb, ensuring your Puffy Poles toast evenly on all sides!

So there you have it — all the S’mores creation information you’ll need to celebrate this holiday in style.

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