New Candy Arrivals to Celebrate Summer!

NEWCANDYnew-products-line-01newcake-frosting-hard-candy-sticks-133606-emIt’s summer! The sun is high in the sky and there’s never been a better time to go for a swim, enjoy a picnic, or hold a bonfire. Better yet, there’s also never been a sweeter time to expand your candy horizons! So go ahead and feast your eyes (and bellies) on newhot-tamales-candy-15lb-giant-party-pack-133842-emsome of the newest additions to our Warehouse.

You thought those theater-sized candy boxes from the movies were big? Think again! These awe-inspiring packs of Mike & Ikes, Hot Tamales, and Zours measure a tremendous 15 inches long! That’s over a foot of chewy candy fun, people.

And if all-natural is your thing, we’ve got plenty of sweet, organic options to choose from! Try these pretty pink Starlight Mints when you need a quick breath refresh, or chew on some vegetarian-approved organic peach gummy rings for a desserty good time! As well, GoNaturally’s hard candies come in plenty of exotic flavors to rejuvenate the palate.

Enjoy some color-coordinated candies, perfect for your tasty gonaturally-organic-hard-candy-assortment-128894-emdisplays! Plastic, powder pufflettes-assorted-133423-emfilled straws come in all sorts of colors, ready to fit any theme! And assorted Pufflettes Bites and Tropical Gummy Octopuses will augment rainbow-hued revelry quite nicely.

There’s more where that came from, visit our Warehouse today!

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