Our Balloons are Pretty POPular!


balloonlineCandy-Swirl-Foil-Balloon-Blue-130556-emWe love decorating with candy (hello, candy buffets!), but we will admit there are some limits to what the sweet stuff can do. For instance, while it looks great on tables and in jars, candy can’t fly. But that one weakness no longer need present the downfall to your perfect display! Behold, the solution to all your vertical Gumball-Machine-Foil-Balloon-130570-emspace-filling needs: the candy-shaped balloon!

Though they look like giant floating lollipops, these colorful candy swirl balloons are actually made of a shiny foil. They’ll add pizazz to any party with their pretty swirls… just don’t let guests try to take a bite. Helium isn’t tasty. (Though if your goal is to wind up talking like a chipmunk or a prepubescent girl, then by all means, help yourself!)

Need to wish someone a happy birthday? You sure can’t go wrong with a birthday balloon, especially when it’s shaped like a lollipop! Or check out this foiled floater, which bears the neat appearance of a gumball machine and sends sweet wishes your way. Oh, did we Happy-Birthday-Lollipop-Foil-Balloon-130615-emmention both balloons are over 3.5 feet in length?

M&M’s AirWalkers are an exciting way to experience your favorite candy characters. These cool dudes have weighted feet; fill them with helium and watch them wander.

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