The Perfect White Candy Buffet in Just One Click!


Whether you’re planning a wedding, baptism, or other white-themed event, you’re going to shine when you unveil this white candy buffet. Packed with all of the scoops, jars, and candy you’ll need to dazzle your guests, this is the kind of dessert display that makes jaws drop and mouths water.

Click here to order your White Candy Buffet Kit!


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St. Patrick’s Day Candy

Looking for the perfect assortment of St. Patrick’s Day candy to dazzle your guests at this year’s party? You’re in luck! In fact, with our huge selection of mouthwatering gummies, chocolates, marshmallows, and hard candies in every shade of green, you might say you have the luck o’ the Irish.



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Crank Up The Sour



Every now and then, your taste buds need a good jolt. You can stick your tongue in an exposed light socket, or you can savor a handful of chewy, crunchy, gooey or hard sour candies. One will put you in the hospital. The other will leave your taste buds pleasantly tingling and begging for more.

cry-baby-extra-sour-gumballs-240-piece-tub-125562-em    toxic-waste-sour-goop-gum-133744-em




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Guest Post: Mom in Training’s Take on Valentine’s Day Candy


The iconic smiley has come a long way, and so have conversation hearts. Now you can get Emoticon Conversation Hearts and roll with the changes. Super cute and ready for giving (or eating) in the classic flavors we all know and love.


I remember getting candy rings as a child, but I don’t remember them being so cool looking and fancy like these Jazzy Jewels Candy Rings. My daughter was so excited when these arrived she begged me to let her take them to school for their class party. She wanted to share them with her friends and be the cool kid with something no one else had. So of course I gave her the bag, and I can’t wait to hear what everyone thought of them. I told her to bring one back home for mom if there was leftovers. One of the great things about this bag is that it has 30 pieces, unlike many that have 25 or less which isn’t always enough for a classroom exchange.


And last but definitely not least we received Brach’s Conversation Heart Jelly Beans. I think this was my favorite bag out of them all. I’ve never been real big on eating many conversation hearts, but I do like having fun with the words with my kids. And I just happen to love jelly beans! So putting conversation heart messages on the jelly beans is the best idea they could have come up with in my book. Imagine your favorite fruit flavored jelly beans in a bag with cute little messages!

Buy it: You can purchase these Valentines candies and more directly from the CandyWarehouse website, or at their retail location in Southern California.

Already have your Valentine’s candy for this weekend? Then make sure you “Hop” on over to their Easter section and started planning ahead today! They have everything you’ll need to fill Easter baskets, eggs, and more.


Want more of Mom in Training? Read more of her great posts here.

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Vote CandyWarehouse Honorary Candy Representatives on Capitol Hill!



pink-line-02Hey, Sen. Pat Toomey! We heard you’re the official Candy Man on Capitol Hill. We think your desk, stocked with sweets for all those hard working Republicans and Democrats, is extremely impressive. We also noticed that the last Senators to hold the title weren’t from California. With that being said, when you step down, we’d like to position ourselves for the job. We don’t have much experience in politics. But believe us, we’re highly qualified in the candy department! We have a whole warehouse stocked with goodies and we wholeheartedly believe that America’s desks should be filled with more than mundane items like staplers and pencils. For good measure, take a peek into one of the secret stashes at our headquarters in El Segundo, California. The foot traffic is high and we know we’d get a sweet rush on Capitol Hill.

You’ve seen our desk filled with Sassy Straws and Toomey’s, if you think we’re a good fit, let the voting season begin.

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The Perfect Blue Candy Buffet in Just One Click!



You’ve picked out the perfect venue, the perfect decorations, and the perfect music. Now all your party needs is the perfect blue candy buffet, complete with all of the bowls, scoops, and treat bags for dishing out the eye-catching, taste bud-tickling goods. Our all-inclusive blue candy buffet should do the trick. In fact, it should be perfect.

Click here to order your Blue Candy Buffet Kit now!


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Last Chance to Order for Christmas



If you haven’t already ordered that last-minute stocking stuffer or assortment of goodies for this year’s holiday party, you still have time to browse our giant selection of holiday favorites — but hurry! You’ll have to ship soon to get the goods in time. See the deadlines for shipping to your area by clicking here.


What’s on your list this year? Some Wonka Fun Dip Candy Books for the kids? Maybe some Peppermint Mini Candy Canes for the neighbors?


And how about that sullen-looking guy who works at the post office? A nice bag of Haribo Christmas Gummi Bears would definitely bring a smile to his face… which would be nothing short of a Christmas miracle.



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Brighten Your Spirits with Candy Cocktails!


My-Banner-Alternative-2-Peppermint-Martini-D            My-Banner-Alternative-2-Baileys-Cocktail-D           My-Banner-Alternative-2-Rolo-Shot-D


The most festive holiday traditions begin with the right people, the right settings, and the right drinks. Whipping up a little holiday magic of your own is easier than you might think, especially when you have our how-to videos to guide you along. Just mix, pour, and add candy!


Fill a dish with Peppermint M&M’s for your party guests to munch on while you top off their Peppermint Candy Shot Glasses.


When the night is done, send them all home with a Hershey’s Chocolate Mint Candy Cane to keep them thinking those joyous holiday thoughts.


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Get Wrapped Up… in Candy!



Wrap up your holiday shopping with a huge variety of unique treats from! We have over 8,000 items to choose from, so whether you need to fill a candy dish, stuff a stocking, or top off a gift bag, you can brighten the holidays with a variety of festive flavors, sure to make the holidays merry and bright for everyone on your list.


Bust out a few of these Wonka Gingerbread House Kits at your next get-together, and enjoy the free flow of conversation (and frosting packets).


You don’t have to stand under the mistletoe to get a Christmas kiss. You just have to reach into the candy dish for a Christmas Hershey’s Kiss wrapped in red, green, or silver.


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Over 100 Unique Candy Canes!

Marc's Version


Let’s be honest. Sugar plums don’t taste that great. They’re all mushy and bland — certainly not the best for dropping into stockings or gift bags. That’s why we offer over 100 unique candy canes in fun, crazy, mouthwatering flavors. Now that’s the stuff of visions.


Watch this quick video on how to make a simple candy cane stand for name cards and place settings at Christmas dinner. Or Christmas brunch. Or Christmas mid-afternoon snack. Whatever you’re into.

It’s just one more way you can spruce up the holidays with CandyWarehouse!


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