It’s Time to Party!

Time-to-partyWant to party like it’s 1999?!

Of course you don’t. That was nearly a decade and a half ago. It’s time to party like it’s 2013, and with the holiday season on its way, we have the supplies you’ll need to amplify your candy buffets and keep the festivities going well into the New Year!

Whatever the party, there’s a pom for that! Whether it be a Halloween bash, winter bonanza, birthday celebration, or bridal shower, you can spruce up any soiree with a flirty and fun poof! Full of pomp and panache, these pom poms are far from pompous. Fluff them up like a spherical flower to hang from ceilings, or unfurl just one half to use as a wall ornament — these poms are a fantastic way to fill the vertical space above a dessert table. From yellow and green to light or bright pink, there’s a color for every occasion, and in two different sizes (8 inches and 14 inches) you can mix and match styles and shades to fit any candy buffet theme!

It’s no surprise that we love candy here at Perhaps that’s why we like piñatas so much… we can bash at them with a stick until the candy comes raining down upon our heads like a sweet, sweet waterfall. So this Halloween, why not spruce up your holiday with a piñata or two? Take a bat to this grinning skeleton head to free the candy inside, or invite Frankenstein’s monster to stay for a spell — you’re guaranteed to have a witchin’ celebration!

It’s party time — check out our other soiree supplies here!

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“All that Glitters…” — a Candy Buffet!

pink-purple-candy-buffetTonya Coleman from Soireé Event Design has done it again! Using a bit of glitz and glitter, a splash of sparkle, a pinch of pizazz, and a whole bunch of delicious candy from a pretty awesome warehouse (if we do say so ourselves!), she created this magnificent pink and purple “Pop-a-Razzi” candy buffet! Complete with Pop Rocks, gumballs, and candy swizzle sticks, this perky party display is perfect for anyone looking to live the life of a diva. Check out her article on Hostess with the Mostess for details, and explore her fabulous website and fun Facebook page for more fantastic party ideas!

Thanks, Tonya, for once again involving us in your beautiful candy displays!



















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An Amazing Selection of Classic and Unique Candy Corn Confections!


In the 1880s, a man by the name of George Renninger changed Halloween forever when he invented a three-toned treat he called “Candy Corn.” Each individual piece of that uniquely-textured, chewy sweet was originally crafted by hand. Today, the National Confectioners Association estimates that 20 million pounds of candy corn are sold annually — it has certainly come a long way from its humble origins! In fact, the treat has grown so popular that it can now be found in any number of crazy seasonal forms… and we love every. single. one.

Let’s start things off with the tried-and-true original version. Brach’s Candy Corn, with its creamy flavor, has been a staple in Halloween-loving households for generations. Or, try out Jelly Belly’s take on the traditional treat! Using a 100-year-old recipe, this gourmet sweet is a true taste of candy corn excellence.

Feeling adventurous? Get a little funkier with corn of a different color. These Starburst Candy Corn pieces come in cool, neon colors, complete with a spectacular burst of fruit flavor in every bite! Or, if you love the goodness of fire-roasted marshmallows, try a handful of this S’Mores variety!

And if you’re a creative soul with a penchant for curious candy, we also have the seasonal favorite in entirely unexpected forms. Taste the yummy flavors of that tri-toned treat in handy candy lollipop style! Or check out these White Chocolate M&Ms, coated in the classic colors of candy corn.

There’s a variety of corn for every taste bud this Halloween.

Check out our entire Halloween selection here!

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Candy Blood Bags: The Perfect Prom Accessory for the Carrie Reboot

Let’s face it, blood is pretty cool. It’s red and scary, and people get super upset when you dump a bucket full of it on them at prom. But it’s also hard to come by. Sure, there are several liters of it quite literally at your fingertips, but getting it out can prove to be quite fatal. Even if you manage to get your hands on a quantity of real blood, it doesn’t keep for long, it can be full of disease, and it tastes horrible.cherry-liquid-candy-blood-bags-127135-im2

But CandyWarehouse has the solution: Cherry Liquid Candy Blood Bags! Featuring drippingly delectable cherry liquid candy in a very realistic looking transfusion-ready blood bag, these packs of syrupy, sanguine candy fluid are a hemophobe’s worst nightmare.

Imagine coming home from a long day’s work to find a loved one sucking whole blood straight from the bag, claret red dripping down their chin like some hunger-crazed vampiric creature. There just might be some fainting involved.

If you can’t stomach an entire unit of cherry flavored blood in one sitting, there are also Mini Blood Bags Candy Pouches. image-130290

These adorable crimson sachets are the miniature counterpart to their larger cousin and contain just enough sugary blood to scare.

Plus, their the perfect size to toss into your purse or clutch on your way out the door.

See red, but taste cherry!

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Candy Buffet Inspiration from Charleston Weddings Magazine!

bohomainLooking for wedding inspiration? Charleston Weddings Magazine recently featured a super sweet buffet designed to brighten up an unused corner of a reception room… and just guess where they got some of that delicious candy? Using colored jelly beans, gumballs, and marshmallows from (along with some pretty bouquets and a whole lot of creativity!), they managed to transform one dull corner into a fancy and fun dessert bar!

A nifty take-away from the article: Don’t be afraid of color! According to Lisa Thomas, owner of Ooh! Events, “You can always make [colors] pop and coordinate by accenting one shade with its opposite on the color wheel.” Keep that in mind while designing your next candy buffet. We’re so glad to have been a part of this deliciously awesome wedding display!

(P.S. You can check out more tips, tricks, and photos here:

bohomagic J36A7604_0









J36A7601_0J36A7535_0 J36A7596_0

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Arm Yourself With Candy for the Zombie Apocalypse!


The zombie apocalypse is a mixed bag. Sure, you’ve had to give up a lot of luxuries like running water and the very fabric of civilization. Though instead of going through the motions of your typical daily grind, you now get to scream at the top of your lungs while pumping shotgun rounds into the menacing horde of the grisly undead.

But every cloud does indeed have a silver lining, even while resources remain at a premium. So don’t overlook this opportunity to arm yourself with some sugary supplies!gummy-brains-candy-131480

The most successful hunters of the undead bait their zombie traps with piles of Jelly Filled Gummy Brains. These gooey, cherry filled morsels will lure every walker in the area out of the woodwork for you to dispatch with ease.

If you’re looking for a candy with dual purpose, grab a handful of Brain Lollipops. The sweet lemon flavor will cause a great distraction while you use discarded lollipop sticks as impaling devices when the zombies’ backs are turned.dubble-bubble-big-slugger-baseball-bats-127094

To survive a true zombie attack, weapons are a must. If melee is your style, stock up on Dubble Bubble Big Slugger Baseball Bats and Gumball Filled Golf Clubs for combat that’s up close and personal.

For those who prefer fighting from a distance, try the pump-action Classic Stryker Marshmallow Shooter, with a range of up to 20 feet!

Arm yourself with candy for the zombie apocalypse today!

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Hostess with the Mostess: How To Set Up an AWESOME Candy Buffet!

candy-tableJust in case there’s ever been any question about it, candy is pretty much our favorite thing. We live it, breathe it, and love it with all our sweet-toothed hearts, so we find it pretty darn difficult to improve upon the sugary stuff… unless, of course, it happens to be arranged into a sweet and sparkly display!

Tonya Coleman from Soirée Event Design used color-coordinated candies from to create one of the most impressive buffets we’ve had the pleasure of seeing. And to make things even better, she wrote up an awesome blog post for Hostess with the Mostess to lay out the finer points of her glittery pink and white creation! Tonya’s guide is simple to follow yet entirely effective in helping plot the finer points of a darling and delicious display. Her six golden rules?

Step 1:  Decide on a theme and colors
Step 2:  Pick out the types of candy you want
Step 3: Setup the table in 3 zones (back, middle, and front) with appropriate containers
Step 4: Figure out how much candy you will need
Step 5: Design your table with a wow-factor tablecloth, backdrop, and centerpiece
Step 6: Make finishing touches

Feast your eyes upon these photos to see the finished product — we just can’t get enough of her sweet style! (And remember to check out her site for more awesome design ideas!)

apothecary-candy-jars whirly-pop baby-dishrock-candy   sparkle-stick cupcakes

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Gruesome Gummies Goodness + Crystal Head Vodka = Best Halloween Ever!

Throwing a haunted Halloween bash? If you want to do it right, you’re going to need your party to disturb and delight. We’ve got all sorts of creepy, crawly candies, but if you’re willing to put in a little extra effort to make your event especially memorable, then here’s a party idea that’s sure to thrill in more ways than one: Vodka-infused gummy candy!


If you think the idea sounds fun, just wait until you taste ‘em!

We teamed up with Crystal Head Vodka to bring you the wildest and most extraordinary of Halloween gummy concoctions! Of course, before we get started, we’d just like to mention this party idea is intended only for adults ages 21+. Though if any kiddies out there want to employ a soda substitute, it could make for an interesting experiment!

Soaking gummies in vodka puts the perfect adult twist on a popular childhood snack — it’s a yummy, fruity treat with a kick! We wanted to shake things up for Halloween, so we went with gummies a little creepier than your average bear… and it sure paid off! For a seasonal twist on the classic favorite, we used Jelly Filled Gummy Brains, Gummy Bones, and Gourmet Gummy Skulls. (Also note that these methods work just as well with sugar-free gummies, so feel free to investigate options based upon your own candy preferences!)

We used the award winning Crystal Head Vodka in our recipe –- quadruple distilled and seven-times filtered, Crystal head is pure and incredibly smooth. And we wanted only the best for our drunken gummies! Best of all, it comes in an eerie skull-shaped bottle -– perfect for decorating your Halloween party, even after the last delicious drop has been finished off!

238_original_botthe service caddy full

Have you ever seen a more perfect Halloween decoration?

Once the gummies are all done, just remember to pace yourself and watch how many you eat at once — these little treats have a very high BAC (Brain/Bone Alcohol Content). Now that the disclaimers are over, let’s get to creating some creepy concoctions!

Things you will need:
Vodka (we personally prefer Crystal Head)
Gummies of your choice
A glass container (plastic and vodka don’t mix well!)
Saran wrap


Our initial set up

First, put your gory gummies into a glass dish. Next, pour vodka into the dish until it completely covers all the candy. The gummies will absorb the vodka until they have swelled to full capacity, so if you’re looking for a sweeter, less alcoholic taste, don’t add as much vodka. You can always perform a taste test later (completely in the name of science, of course) and add more alcohol if you see fit!


Step 1: Complete!

Cover the dish with saran wrap, then put it in the fridge. After the first few hours, you’ll notice the chewy treats have swollen slightly in size. Check out the images we took after the first five hours of soaking (below). This, we imagine, is what a tipsy brain looks like!


After the first five hours

We suggest soaking the treats for at least two to three days total. When it comes time to remove the gummies, use a spoon or a spatula to do so carefully. They’ll be swollen, slippery, grotesque, and probably a little hungover. There will also be some colorful, gummy-specked vodka left in the container… it works great as a vile-looking Halloween drink (but in all reality, it’ll just taste like a gooey, gummy-flavored shot!)


Day 3 — just look at the size of those gummies!

Now place your little alcoholic gummies out for guests to enjoy, and get ready to alarm, disgust, and be showered with praise. Happy munching, and enjoy responsibly!

(If you want to check out Crystal Head‘s excellent vodka, check here for a store near you!)


Final product: Twice the size and three times the fun!

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Create a Breaking Bad-Inspired Candy Buffet!

halloween-buffet-hdr-680-blogYou’ve just stumbled into the creepy lab of a mad scientist… so, now what? Images of Frankenstein begin to dance through your head, but don’t panic. This could be ok. Try to keep calm and take in your surroundings. Test tubes and beakers, most likely filled with poisonous concoctions, bubble over with a mysterious smoke. Skulls dangle from the ceiling. Bowls are filled with… bloody brains?!?!

That’s it. You can’t expect to leave here without losing a finger… or a piece of your frontal lobe!

Drawing inspiration from all the boiling flasks, distillation funnels, Bunsen burners, and experiments of Breaking Bad, the Candy Elves decided to get in the spirit of their favorite holiday by creating a Mad Scientist-themed Halloween candy buffet! And you can wow your friends and family at your next Halloween party by making an amazing candy buffet of your own.

Get started with some beakers, test tubes, and flasks… and then double the excitement by filling them with candy! We think Creepy Peepers Filled Chocolate Eyeballs make a good choice for a spine-chilling design. Eye-shaped chocolates are stuffed with delicious peanut butter, caramel, or fudge — but you don’t need to tell your guests that! And no creepy candy buffet could be complete without a gushing bowl of Zombie Blood. Squishy packs of the green liquid look like real IV blood bags… but don’t worry, it’s merely liquid lime candy inside! Halloween Peeps in the shape of marshallowy ghosts are always fun guests to invite, and Creepy Teeth Candy Packs will help set the mood any time. Enhance the whole scene with some Halloween Hanging Foil Swirls, they’re just the right amount of spooky shine!

halloween-buffet-680-blogRemember as well to adorn your candy display with orange and black hued favorites. Brach’s Candy Corn is a chewy Halloween staple that looks delightful in a candy bowl, and Hypno Pops Petite Lollipops in black and orange will lend the illusion of dark magic to any table display. Throw in a dash of Licorice Hard Candy Sticks and a pinch of Orange Fruit Jell Slices, and you’ve got enough ingredients to create a hauntingly stylish candy buffet!

If you want to add some eerie smoke to the whole scene, you can always tuck away some dry ice in inconspicuous areas of the display. Just remember that unlike the rest of these goodies, dry ice is not great for eating.


We used plenty of candies in our Halloween buffet. Check out the full list for more ideas!

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Get tickled pink with this sweet selection of colorful candy!



Pink is the color of happiness, youth, and serenity. Psychologically, the shade is said to stimulate energy, action, and confidence, which is one reason it was chosen to represent Breast Cancer Awareness. Pink is said to encourage friendliness, and we think pink makes an ideal color for candy! So let this rosy selection of sweets tickle you pink!

Hershey’s Hugs, featuring raspberry and white chocolate flavors, get gussied up in shiny pink swirl wrappers. The only thing sweeter than these delicious chocolate Hugs are actual hugs (and kisses) themselves!

If gummy goodies are more your style, check out these fashion-forward Strawberry Pufflettes Gummy Bites. Each sugar-coated gum drop, bedecked in a sweet shade of cerise and white, is the perfect, popable, bite-size shape.

Of course, magenta isn’t just for treats. This adorable Nerds plush animal is pretty in pink with her sleek, fuzzy coat and squishy, huggable frame. Munch on some Nerds candy and cuddle with her as you catch up on your quantum physics. Or, if you prefer style to studies, try on a pair of these Pink Gummy Bear Earrings. They look and feel like the real thing, but they aren’t edible, which means you won’t be tempted to take a bite out of your new favorite baubles!

Whether you’re looking to encourage action and confidence, or simply create an all-pink candy buffet, look no further than our Shop By Color menu to discover a bevy of “mauve-ulously” hued favorites!

Be sure to check out our entire selection of pink candies!


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