Show Your Fall Colors!



hersheys-kisses-milk-chocolate-with-caramel-filling-130795-emThe air may be getting colder; the days may be getting shorter; and the leaves may be changing color. But it isn’t really autumn until you dust off your best fall candy dish and fill it with a few of your seasonal favorites. We’ve included a few of our own below, in an array of cozy colors that will dazzle visitors, thrill party guests, and remind you each and every day that one of the yummiest times of the year is in full swing!

hypno-pops-petite-orange-white-swirled-lollipops-132330You love diving into a pile of leaves this time of year; why not dive into a pile of soft and spongy autumn gummy bears, in warm fall colors like gold, copper, and amber?

mms-candy-autumn-130105-emBetter yet, share the season with all of your dinner guests, with mouthwatering after-dinner goodies like Autumn Jelly Bellies and Black Jooblers Candy Melts. Then indulge in the luxurious side of sweetness with Caramel Hershey’s Kisses and Chocolate Covered Espresso Coffee Beans before bringing some of those fantastic fall colors into the house with red, yellow, and orange Hypno Pops, perfect for decorating, sharing, and gifting.

Nothing goes better with cooler weather than a cool assortment of indulgent sweets. Throw open your doors, and let the flavors of fall rush in!


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Treats of the Living Dead

zombiecandyzombieline1Gummi-brains-im-131480Fact: Nothing protects your house from a zombie invasion like a big old heap of Halloween treats. It provides sustenance and a fool-proof means of defense — what more could you need? So whether you’re stock-piling candy for the sake of guarding yourself from the walking undead, or merely for mollifying a mob of candy-demanding costumed kiddies, we’re the one-stop-shop for all the sweets you need, delivered right to your door! (No braving the apocalyptic outside world required.)zombie-blood-im-131360

Nothing pacifies a herd of zombies quite like a helping of their favorite food! Too bad for you, that particular feast also happens to consist of your brain. Buy yourself some time by distracting them with candy brains instead, like these cerebellum lollipops! Not realistic enough? Then try this mini gushy gummy version on for size.

Strike fear into the semi-decayed hearts of those sauntering stiffs by taunting them with a pack of oozing green Zombie Blood! Sure, it’s not real, but do you think their lifeless eyes will really be able to tell?

stryker-marshmallow-shooter-131545And of course, be sure to equip yourself with weapons to tackle an assault by the nearly-departed. You can fend them off with a Dubble Bubble Big Slugger, then stick their rotting feet to the ground with its stock of tasty bubble gum! Or, use our Camo Design Marshmallow Shooter to slow their momentum by way of delicious fluffy ammunition! (Note: If said zombies do happen to be normal folks in costume, there’s always a chance they might not appreciate being pelted with marshmallows. But then again, who doesn’t like marshmallows?)

Need more? We have a whole slew of candy options here!


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Candy to Sink Your Fangs Into!

Trick-or-Treat2Trick-or-Treat-linecrazy-bones-lollipops-126123-emWhen the kiddies get all dressed up in their costumes and appear at your door this Halloween, you can’t answer their knocks empty-handed. What are you, some kind of monster? (For the sake of this analogy, we’re going to assume you’re not dressed up like an actual monster.) No, you’re going to want to reward the trick-or-treaters for all the hard work they put into their costumes this year… And there’s no better prize than a handful of their favorite candy!

First and foremost, you’re going to want to get the Halloween staples taken care of. So Kitkat-halloween-1312581-emmake sure you have plenty of snack-size packs of Candy Corn on hand! Orange Pumpkin Charm Pops are also a must. And if you want to go the spookier route, then we’ve got you covered: individually-packed Bone-Shaped Lollipops and Gummy Body Parts are perfect for passing out (and creeping out) your guests.

candy-body-parts-129395-emDiversity is a great thing when it comes to appeasing the varying tastes of your trick-or-treaters! Stock up on packs of fruity, chewy Jelly Belly Jelly Beans, and then mix up the assortment with festively orange Halloween Kit Kats! Or, just use one of these pre-constructed Hershey’s or Wonka Jumbo Packs, with quite enough variety to please all the wee ghosts and goblins this year!

There’s more where that came from! Check out all our Halloween Candy here!


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Day of the Delicious!

dayofthedaylineskeleton-head-pinata-133058Skull. Cranium. Braincase. Whatever you choose to call it, just be thankful you have one. The modest, under-skin armor spends all year tirelessly protecting the entirety of our brains — and we only give them their spotlight in the fall? Well, that hardly seems fair! That’s why we here at CandyWarehouse are striving to make the most of this opportunity to give our skulls due credit for all they do to protect our brains. We’re going all-out on skull-themed items, in an effort to celebrate Day of the Dead and marshmellow-skull-lollipops-131368-emHalloween in a way that will do all our noggin-bones proud!

This Día de los Muertos, add some sugar skull flair to the celebration with a few fancily frosted hard candy suckers! Or, if soft and squishy skulls are more your thing, take a look at the decorated marshmallow version.

Get skullishly sophisticated — give Hamlet a run for his money with your own gummi skull-filled soliloquy, or furnish old Yorick with a friend in the form of this big-boned piñata! And if you like your skulls a little more askull-and-mummy-halloween-screamers-132282-emnthropomorphic, then check out these Skull and Mummy Wands! Part candy pack, part screaming stick of terror, there’s no better tool for trick-or-treating.

Want more spooky skulls and other goodies? Check out our whole selection here!


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Crazy About Candy Corn?!


candy-corn-pops-132293-im3Ok, ok, it’s time to set the record straight. Our name is CandyWarehouse, and we’re addicted to Candy Corn.

Seriously. We’ve got nearly three dozen varieties of the stuff — who else is fanatical enough to be able to say that? But there’s good news for all our fellow Candy Corn-aholics out there: we’re more than willing to share! Come check out our crazy huge selection and see why CandyWarehouse is the biggest name in the candy corn business!

A long-time staple of fall, there’s nothing better than the traditional taste of candy corn! But did you know it also comes in cool new forms, like this white chocolate dotted with chopped up bits of the tricolored treat? You can also experience the delight of that uniquely wonderful flavor brachs-caramel-macchiato-candy-corn-133564-ffwith these Charms Candy Corn Pops! Or find out what happens when classics collide — soft and squishy Circus Peanuts join forces with Candy Corn colors and flavors; it’s a new family tradition in the making!

hersheys-candy-corn-133487-imIf you’re feeling even more adventurous, then try out some of Brach’s most creative candy corn flavors. There’s a Caramel Macchiato version for you coffee lovers out there and a Pumpkin Spice variety for anyone who craves the seasonal favorite in a chewable candy form. We even have fruit flavored, gummy candy corn (and it’s a great thing).

There’s a variety of corn for every taste bud this Halloween. Click here to experience them all!


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Explore Bold New Worlds of Candy!


sassy-straws-pink-132972-imAugust has been a great month for sky watchers: the yearly Perseids meteor shower showered us with wonder, and a fantastic super moon shone down across all the land. Interestingly enough, this month was also a great one for candy watchers — our warehouse received a whole onslaught of awesome new sweets to admire (and eat), as though sent from the stars above! Check out this Galaxy Pop video for some cool space facts, and then help yourself to a sneak peek into this season’s newest candy collection!galaxy-lollipops-133825-im

Pixy Stix? Please. You’ve never experienced a candy straw quite like these! Decorated in colorful swirls, Sassy Straws are part designer decor, part candy couture, and 100% perfect party material! Find them in bright blue, peppy pink, and chic black styles!

What’s the only thing better than a rice crispy treat? A GIANT rice crispy treat. Striking just the right balance between gooey, buttery, and crisp, these delicious marshmallow and rice treats come in all sorts of over-sized varieties. The birthday version even comes complete with a pink candle — so long, boring ol’ sponge cake!

violet-crumble-candy-bars-130908-imAnd after years of anticipation, guess what’s finally back from Down Under! The Violet Crumble, chocolate-covered honeycomb of wonder, has returned for its American (re)debut. Grab a box or two and taste all that you’ve been missing!

Visit our site for even more new candy excitement!


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Festive Fall Favorites!

fall candy favoritesfall+line+2Autumn-Leaf-Lollipops-131054-em

It’s not too early to start talking about fall, right? We know the leaves have yet to start cascading from the trees, and the air hasn’t quite attained that certain crisp chill we often associate with scarf-and-sweater weather. But the perfect autumn candy table needs some careful planning, and if you were looking to celebrate a fall wedding, a thanksgiving party, or just the turning of the seasons, then listen up! We’ve got the candy you need to turn your autumn décor into so much more.

mms-candy-autumn-130105-emIf you’re designing a candy buffet, remember: start out with the basics, like theme-appropriate candy bowls. These sweet ceramic leaf dishes are a fancy way to store all your favorite fall treats. And if woodland creatures are more your style, then go ahead and trust this friendly squirrel to watch over your candy collection!

It’s always a clever decision to stick to season appropriate colors — reds, yellows, and browns reminiscent of falling leaves are certain to do! These M&M’s Harvest Blend chocolates look quite fetching in a fall candy bowl, and foil wrapped Autumn Hershey’s with Almonds will complement them quite nicely.
Speaking of leaves, why not include some of those as well? These hard candy lollipops are shaped like maple leaves, and delicious to boot. Or opt for some of these foiled delicacies — they look like foliage, but taste like delicious dark chocolate!

There’s far more where that came from — check out our other Autumn candies here!


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Too Old for PEZ? Who Says!

Good-vs-Evil2PEZ-line-02pez-disney-princess-127111-emIf staging a battle between Hello Kitty and Darth Vader sounds like something that could only occur in a parallel universe, then it’s about time you acquaint yourself with the universe of PEZ marvel-pez-126084-em! Unless your bowl of mints can double as an awesome collectible, or your figurine collection has learned how to feed you candy, then nothing quite compares to the wonder of a PEZ head. Best of all? We’ve got plenty! Check out some of our favorites below!

Visit our video section to check out all the PEZ action! They’re the next big thing… and we seriously mean BIG. These Giant PEZ Heads measure over a foot tall, and each holds up to 12 rolls of candy. Watch as Hello Kitty shows off her dance moves, and Darth Vader shows off some heavy breathing skills!

kiss-pez-candy-131440-emWhether you’re a fan of Disney Princesses or Marvel Superheroes, the music of KISS or the sweet voice of Minnie Mouse, there’s a PEZ collection to suit every fancy.

Want more? Check out all our PEZ candies here!


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Make Back-to-School Sweeter!


Back to school? More like back to cool! (Ok, bad joke. Forgive us, our brains have been on break for the summer.) But if your little tykes aren’t quite feeling the back-to-school spirit just yet, then make the transition to early wake-up times and late-night study sessions a gummi-brains-ff-131480little bit sweeter with some of our tasty classroom candies!

Make packed lunches more exciting! Milk is even tastier with Got Milk Magic Straws, which add fun flavor to the nutritious drink. Gummy Brains are known to inspire learning with their nibble-able neurons and sweet cerebellum (plus, at 50% off, they’re half the price and twice the smarts!). And we all know the best way to follow up a hotdog lunch is with its gummy counterpart!

Nothing makes homeroom stink more than sitting next to a classmate with bad breath. image-125692Make sure all your little learners are equipped with shareable Mentos Mints, so they can focus on the chalkboard rather than their mouth-breathing seat partner.

And who can start off the new school year without a good word pun? Celebrate all the Smarties and Nerds in your life with candies of the same name!

Want more back-to-school fun? Check out the rest of our selection here!

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Sink Your Teeth into Our Shark Sweets!

sharkwater-lineSharks: sharp-toothed predators, pirates of the animal kingdom, princes of the sea…  and just like us? Seems like it; apparently most shark species respond to a sound known as the “yummy hum,” and we’re going to stop right there because that is exactly our favorite sound as well! The happy mmm noise you hear when someone bites into their favorite candy — this is what we call a yummy hum. Apparently the shark version is an infrasonic sound that injured fish make shark-fin-lollipop-126451-em(which helps them locate an easy meal), but still, all in all it’s the same sort of thing.

Celebrate our yummy-loving brethren of the sea with a fin-tastic smattering of delicious shark candies! And prepare yourself for Shark Week 2014, starting Sunday, August 10th.
Sharks have been known to eat everything from polar bears and horses to microscopic plankton. Show some solidarity and diversify your palate by indulging in an assortment of gummy shark treats! We’ve got colorful Rainbow Sharks, big blue Gummy Killer Sharks, and even grinning Gummy Sharks with Teeth! Or get a little gooey with the Juicy Oozers Sharks. Looks like blood, tastes like cherry — all in all a great combination.

shark-attack-tooth-candy-necklaces-132479-emSearching for something a little less chewy? Crunchy candy necklaces come complete with a neat, sweet, shark tooth charm, perfect for fans of the Great White. And just try to refrain from humming the Jaws theme song while you lick one of these big blue dorsal fin lollipops! Use them to make a fruity, cruelty-free version of shark fin soup… or merely scare your little sister in the pool. That one’s your call.

Stock up on Shark Candy just in time for Shark Week, starting August 10th!


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