Make it a Patriot Party with Stars, Stripes, and Sweets!


Patriotic-CandyBarbeque? Check. Fireworks? Check. Visages of past Presidents? Sure, why not!usa-assortment-rock-crystal-candy-132468-em
Now all that’s missing is the red, white, and blue décor! If you know us at all, you know we prefer to decorate with candy. So hang some streamers, wave some flags, and get ready to party patriot-style with some star-spangled sweets, all made right here in the US of A!

All of these delicious options are proudly made in America, so if you’re looking for a bit of flag flair, try some Patriotic Tootsie Rolls or USA Buttermints, all dressed up in stars blue-gummy-fish-school-of-fish-132226-emand stripes like Old Glory’s sweet cousins! Or enjoy red, white, and blue treats in the style of your choice: we’ve got everything from jelly beans and gummy bears to lollipops and rock candy! For the history buffs out there, why not include some Patriotic PEZ Heads, bearing the faces of our forefathers and filled with tasty candy! Or celebrate this grand country with a taste of all-American Gummy Fish!

Shop the rest of our Patriotic Candy for even more ideas!

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Pops for Your Pop! (And Other Candy, too!)



Stumped as to what to get your old man for Daddy’s Day? Well, let us let you in on a little secret… Real men love candy. Heck, everyone loves candy! So do your dad a solid and get him something he’ll really love this year… because it’s not always just the thought that counts, but you can never go wrong with his favorite sweets!

Whether he rocks a ‘stach or fancies the clean-shaven look, our mustache candies are always a favorite. Or get some pops for your inset-126923Pops! We’ve got plenty of options to suit his tastes, from Beard-Shaped Pops to Bow Tie Pops to Giant Caramel Sugar Daddies! So go ahead, surprise him with some manly sweets and macho treats, like a pile of his favorite candy! Great for Pops, Grandpops, Great Grandpops, or any grand man in your life.

Shop the rest of our Father’s Day Candy here!



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Throw a Beach-in’ Party!

catch+a+wavePlanning a summer beach party? Well you shore-ly can’t spend all your time picking out appropriate candy for the event —you’ve got much bigger fish to fry! (Perhaps quite literally.) So allow us to help: rainbow-hued treats make a fantastic addition to any tropical theme, and we’ve got more than enough nautically inclined candies to spruce up any beachy buffet!



A party is no time to be shellfish, so be sure to give out some superb shell-shaped candies! Plus we’ve got plenty of palm treats, sweet sea stars and flavorsome flip flops! Whether you decide to go for a bucket-full or a whole boat load of candy, your party will be seaworthy in no time!

Check out the rest of our Beach and Luau sweets here!

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Commencement Candy and Graduation Goodies!


graduation-hat-pinata-133234-emDo your graduation party plans seem to be lacking in the decorative department? Need a little more pomp to go with all that circumstance? Well we’ve got just the thing! Set up an entire buffet based around your school’s colors with our sweet Shop by Color section, and then pepper your party with some of these cool grad-themed candies!


Graduation is an event made up of a million emotions all rolled into one day. Why not sweeten the deal and soothe those jitters with a bit of candy?

Check out the rest of our Graduation Candy here!

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Praise-Worthy Party Accessories for the Discerning Dessert Display!


designer-tongs-im-131614The candy buffet: a decorative and delectable masterpiece. The candy is the star of the show, of course, but where would any good production be without its supporting cast and crew? Well, in this case, in a large pile in the middle of a table…

That’s why we’d like to take the time to shine the spotlight on the very wonderful, and often neglected, supporting members of the dessert display: scoops, tongs, bowls, and bags, you guys are real gems! And we’ve got more than enough variety to keep things exciting — check it out!









Hey, there’s more where that came from. We’ve got plenty of party provisions for more fabulous decorating ideas!

Check out all our Buffet Supplies here!

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Make this Mother’s Day Extra Sweet!

make-this-mothers-day-even-sweeterStruggling to plan the perfect Mother’s Day? Why not treat Mom like a queen by showering her with treats! We have all her favorite flavors and colors, as well as various other sweet selections. Check out some of our top picks!


Barnier French Bon Bons Hard Candy Gift Box

Barnier French Bon Bons Hard Candy Gift Box

Puffy Poles Jumbo Marshmallow Twists - Pink & White: 1KG Bag

Puffy Poles Jumbo Marshmallow Twists – Pink & White: 1KG Bag

Spring Rolo Candy: 11-Ounce Bag

Spring Rolo Candy: 11-Ounce Bag

Pink with White Center Taffy: 3LB Bag

Pink with White Center Taffy: 3LB Bag

Dove Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel Squares: 30-Piece Bag

Dove Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel Squares: 30-Piece Bag

After all our moms have done for us, it only makes sense that you’d want to show her some appreciation on this special occasion. Gift her with a giant pack of her favorite candy!

Browse the rest of our Mother’s Day Candy for more ideas!

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One-Click Pink Candy Buffet!


Candy buffets are a hot party accessory, a dazzling addition to any event, and a tasty, trendy decoration for every occasion. But… they’re also a lot of work. You’ve got to pick the color you desire, select the candy you want, and ensure that it will all be enough to satisfy the number of guests you’re expecting.

Or you can just click here and get yourself an entire pink buffet in one go! Equipped with bowls, scoops, candy bags, and seven different pink-hued treats, this beautiful cerise display is suited to serve up to 50 guests! It’s perfect for bridal showers, baby showers, birthdays, and bat mitzvahs (just to name a few). Do yourself a favor and skip the hassle — it’s time to enjoy all the wonders of a candy buffet at your next gathering!

Click here to order your Pink Candy Buffet Kit now!


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Our Giant Gummy Dune Diorama Gets Internet Famous!


Any readers of the Dune saga out there? If so, you’ve probably enjoyed our gummified giant-gummy-worm-dune-041diorama of Paul Atreides riding the giant sandworm. Our creatives had a lot of fun recreating that scene with our favorite medium (why, candy, of course!), so you can imagine how pleased they were to see their artwork making the rounds on the internet as of late. The scene was composed entirely of candy items, with gummy bears standing in for the Fremen, yellow sprinkles as desert sand, and rock candy playing the role of space rocks dotting the extraterrestrial terrain. Our giant gummy worm is even wrangled by a piece of black licorice!

See what other people had to say at and, and check out all our images here!

And don’t forget to admire our GIANT GUMMY WORMS!

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Enhance Your “Promposal” With Candy!



“Prom would be so much SWEETER if you went as my date!”

Are you looking for a date to prom? Gone are the days of bashfully slipping the girl or guy of your dreams a sweet little note reading, “Prom with me?” That, candy lovers, is just not going to cut it any longer. If you really want the apple of your eye to agree to spend a fun, end-of-high-school evening with you, then you’re going to have to go all-out in your display of sweet affection. Hey, you don’t have to be ready for marriage to create one of the dramatic, award-worthy proposal performances our YouTube-obsessed decade has begun to encourage. It’s called the “Promposal” folks, and it’s the only way to go to formal this spring!

Want to sweeten up the idea of the dance? Add a little candy to the whole shindig! Better than regular flowers, we have delicious candy blooms and chocolate roses. One member of our creative team was even “promposed” to back in the day by way of Hershey’s Kisses… a whole display composed entirely of them! But if the idea of roses and Kisses is too cliché for high school romance, try getting more creative by way of giant signs and sassy puns.


It’s not a real proposal, so why use a real ring? Ring Pops are the way to go!

How about a vase full of gumballs or Hi-Chew, along with a cute note reading “I CHEWS you”? Or maybe try a pile of mints with a letter stating “We are MINT to go to Prom together”! We also like the idea of a a locker stuffed with bags of gummy bears, accompanied by a note saying “Prom without you would be unBEARable,” or an entire collection of Dum Dums announcing “I would be a DUM DUM not to ask you to go”! So get creative and have some fun with your promposal. Just don’t forget the candy! (Because seriously, who could say no to candy?)



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Hippy-ChickyHave you ever seen poultry quite so groovy? This peppy Hippy Chick does a lot more than merely shake her tail feathers — wind her up and watch as she waddles her way across any hard surface… then leaves delicious Easter egg candy droppings in her wake! Because no spring holiday is complete without a little eggs-crement, right? (Get it? Eggs?) This little flower child is one hot chick, and now you can win one of your very own!

The first annual Easter Egg hunt kicks off today, Thursday, April 10th, at 12 PM Pacific! For two days (shortly after lunchtime each business day) we will give out a clue on Facebook and Pinterest to help locate an Easter egg promo code on one of our product pages, culminating with a final reveal of the Easter egg location on Monday… with a free Hippy Chicky on the line! Piece the clues together, search the product photos on, and get ready to win!

Think you’ve found the code? It’ll be a single word, slightly hidden on a random product photo somewhere on our site. Simply add a Hippy Chicky to your shopping cart, enter the hidden promo code, and see the price disappear! (Shipping and handling charges still apply.) Offer expires April 14th, so what are you waiting for? Get your game on!

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