Sink Your Teeth into Our Shark Sweets!

sharkwater-lineSharks: sharp-toothed predators, pirates of the animal kingdom, princes of the sea…  and just like us? Seems like it; apparently most shark species respond to a sound known as the “yummy hum,” and we’re going to stop right there because that is exactly our favorite sound as well! The happy mmm noise you hear when someone bites into their favorite candy — this is what we call a yummy hum. Apparently the shark version is an infrasonic sound that injured fish make shark-fin-lollipop-126451-em(which helps them locate an easy meal), but still, all in all it’s the same sort of thing.

Celebrate our yummy-loving brethren of the sea with a fin-tastic smattering of delicious shark candies! And prepare yourself for Shark Week 2014, starting Sunday, August 10th.
Sharks have been known to eat everything from polar bears and horses to microscopic plankton. Show some solidarity and diversify your palate by indulging in an assortment of gummy shark treats! We’ve got colorful Rainbow Sharks, big blue Gummy Killer Sharks, and even grinning Gummy Sharks with Teeth! Or get a little gooey with the Juicy Oozers Sharks. Looks like blood, tastes like cherry — all in all a great combination.

shark-attack-tooth-candy-necklaces-132479-emSearching for something a little less chewy? Crunchy candy necklaces come complete with a neat, sweet, shark tooth charm, perfect for fans of the Great White. And just try to refrain from humming the Jaws theme song while you lick one of these big blue dorsal fin lollipops! Use them to make a fruity, cruelty-free version of shark fin soup… or merely scare your little sister in the pool. That one’s your call.

Stock up on Shark Candy just in time for Shark Week, starting August 10th!


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Our Balloons are Pretty POPular!


balloonlineCandy-Swirl-Foil-Balloon-Blue-130556-emWe love decorating with candy (hello, candy buffets!), but we will admit there are some limits to what the sweet stuff can do. For instance, while it looks great on tables and in jars, candy can’t fly. But that one weakness no longer need present the downfall to your perfect display! Behold, the solution to all your vertical Gumball-Machine-Foil-Balloon-130570-emspace-filling needs: the candy-shaped balloon!

Though they look like giant floating lollipops, these colorful candy swirl balloons are actually made of a shiny foil. They’ll add pizazz to any party with their pretty swirls… just don’t let guests try to take a bite. Helium isn’t tasty. (Though if your goal is to wind up talking like a chipmunk or a prepubescent girl, then by all means, help yourself!)

Need to wish someone a happy birthday? You sure can’t go wrong with a birthday balloon, especially when it’s shaped like a lollipop! Or check out this foiled floater, which bears the neat appearance of a gumball machine and sends sweet wishes your way. Oh, did we Happy-Birthday-Lollipop-Foil-Balloon-130615-emmention both balloons are over 3.5 feet in length?

M&M’s AirWalkers are an exciting way to experience your favorite candy characters. These cool dudes have weighted feet; fill them with helium and watch them wander.

Check out all our awesome accessories to get your party started!


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Hello Kitty, Hello Candy!

hellokittyShe’s cute and cuddly, but let’s get right down to it: Hello Kitty has no mouth. They say it’s because she speaks with her heart (and the language of love is universal, of course), but the real issue here is more pressing than that. We must know — how can she eat sweets?!

Well, whether or not we ever learn the answer to that, we’ll show our own thanks for having a mouth by showing you some of the delicious stuff you can put in it. Hello Candy!


hello+kitty+lineIf you’re looking for a life-size Hello Kitty, don’t hesitate to introduce yourself to this Giant PEZ head! Standing over a foot in height, she holds 12 PEZ candy cartridges at once — now that’s what we call a cool cat. Or, if you’d like something on the smaller size, this pack of collectible Kitty PEZ figures should do the trick.

Marshmallows are as soft and squishy as we imagine Hello Kitty would be. Better yet, they’re also edible! These luscious lollipops are actually made of fluffy marshmallow goodness and crafted in the cute likeness of Hello Kitty herself. Or try a handful of these Strawberry Marshmallow Puffs! They have Kitty’s stamp of approval (and her picture on the front).

All fans of Hello Kitty need a Hello Kitty fan! And delicious Jelly Belly Jelly Beans are never a bad idea, especially when they’re this adorable.

Want more? Invite unique Hello Kitty candies to your next party!

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Do You Like Purple?

purple cand6ypurple-line-01teenee-beanee-jelly-beans-napa-grape-133435-emA combination of the warmest hue (red) and the coolest shade (blue), purple is often believed to be the ideal color. Long used as a symbol of royalty, it is said to represent good judgment and peace of mind. And guess what? It’s also a fantastic color for candy! Gaze upon the mauve-ulous american-fish-purple-132227-emsplendor of our lavender candies and prepare to have a plum good time!

Looking for something chewy? Napa Grape Jelly Beans are a perfect purple accompaniment to any candy bowl. And these All-American Gummy Fish will fit in with the other sweets just swimmingly.

With their tender chew and faint grape flavor, these fluffy Lavender Marshmallow Puffy Poles are sure to steal the spotlight. Keep them in good candy company by including Purple Rock Candy Strings and Huckleberry Salt Water Taffy!

Lavender-Puffy-Poles-131055-emOf course your purple party could use purple-polka-dot-candy-bags-132536-emsome vivacious violet accessories! Let guests take home those pleasantly periwinkle delights in a polka dot treat bag. And peppy purple candy scoops are pretty handy for shoveling the sweets — we can dig it!

Want more purple? We’ve got plenty!

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New Candy Arrivals to Celebrate Summer!

NEWCANDYnew-products-line-01newcake-frosting-hard-candy-sticks-133606-emIt’s summer! The sun is high in the sky and there’s never been a better time to go for a swim, enjoy a picnic, or hold a bonfire. Better yet, there’s also never been a sweeter time to expand your candy horizons! So go ahead and feast your eyes (and bellies) on newhot-tamales-candy-15lb-giant-party-pack-133842-emsome of the newest additions to our Warehouse.

You thought those theater-sized candy boxes from the movies were big? Think again! These awe-inspiring packs of Mike & Ikes, Hot Tamales, and Zours measure a tremendous 15 inches long! That’s over a foot of chewy candy fun, people.

And if all-natural is your thing, we’ve got plenty of sweet, organic options to choose from! Try these pretty pink Starlight Mints when you need a quick breath refresh, or chew on some vegetarian-approved organic peach gummy rings for a desserty good time! As well, GoNaturally’s hard candies come in plenty of exotic flavors to rejuvenate the palate.

Enjoy some color-coordinated candies, perfect for your tasty gonaturally-organic-hard-candy-assortment-128894-emdisplays! Plastic, powder pufflettes-assorted-133423-emfilled straws come in all sorts of colors, ready to fit any theme! And assorted Pufflettes Bites and Tropical Gummy Octopuses will augment rainbow-hued revelry quite nicely.

There’s more where that came from, visit our Warehouse today!

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Step Right Up to the Candy Carnival!


2nd Half 2012 NEW PRODUCTS


Come one, come all, to the great Candy Carnival! Step right up and try your luck with our sweet summer delights! Our Ringmaster recommends the gummy rings, of course, but we’ve got plenty more where that came from. Check out this fine festival selection!

Like any good three ring circus, our Candy Carnival has lots of variety to suit even the most eclectic of tastes! Cotton Candy Pop Rocks offer a whole new palate experience by combining the taste of the sweet fluffy stuff with the tongue-tingling pop of the crackling candy. And these Circus Peanuts are actually chewy and delightful marshmallow — an old-fashioned favorite!

For a real cirque-flair, remember to include some circus animals (though we typically opt for the lollipop variety over real ones… for safety reasons, of course). Feel free to dazzle and amaze your friends with hypnotist-approved Hypno Pops! And don’t forget the popcorn — we personally prefer Cracker Jacks and Jelly Belly’s Butter Popcorn Jelly Beans over anything else.

For more Big Top fun, check out all our Festival Candy here!


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Don’t Go Bacon Our Hearts!


There are only two kinds of people in this world: those who love bacon, and those who love bacon but won’t admit it. And no matter which side you fall on, this much is clear — when bacon and candy collide, magic happens. So go ahead and bring home the bacon… check out some of our sweet favorites!

Didn’t expect to find real bacon on a candy website? Well, we’re in the business of happy bacon-jelly-beans-131785-emsurprises! These Bacon Bark Chocolates are made with real hickory smoked bacon, slathered with delicious milk chocolate. It’s a sweet and savory delight that won’t go bacon your heart.

Or go ahead and get adventurous with bacon-flavored sweets! These Bacon Jelly Beans are like chewy versions of your favorite breakfast food, while Bacon Hard Candy Sticks are a strip of savory sucker delight. For the most audacious meat-lovers, we even have Bacon-Flavored Crickets! These crunchy, crispy insects pair bacon-suckers-133365-emalmost as nicely with eggs as the real thing.

Look, since we’re equal opportunity sort of people, we even have bacon that vegetarians can enjoy! These Bacon Shaped Lollipops are flavored delightfully of mixed fruit. There’s not a lick of bacon in sight, but feel free to lick their bacon-y shapes to your heart’s content.

Are we bacon you crazy? Check out more of our silliest sweets here!

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Cake Tiling with Starburst Minis


Hi! I’m Sue Gillerlain, and I am stopping in to guest post. I have been writing about candy for more than a decade in print and digital formats, so I know a little bit about the sweet stuff. Actually, I’m sort of obsessed with it. :)

I am also the founder and editor of, which is a new blog devoted to all things sweet: sweet recipes, sweet party ideas, sweet new candies, sweet shops, and creative people who are making the world a sweeter place … one chocolate chip at a time.

Today, I’m delighted to bring you this fun and easy cake-decorating project just in time for summer!

Cake Tiling with Starburst Minis

While surfing Pinterest over the last few years, I have seen so many beautiful cakes dressed in vibrant candies like Sixlets, M&M’s, Skittles, Necco Wafers, candy pearls, rock candy, and more.

Every time I see one, I think, “I should try that,” and then my ambitious thought floats into Neverland.

Neverland no more! It’s summertime, and my “Big Sky” list bullet-pointing everything I want to try this summer is set. Bring on the candy cakes!

With no time to waste, I quickly baked a simple yellow box cake (I used two 8-inch cake pans) and covered it with canned white frosting. Don’t gasp. Based on my gingerbread house decorating experiences over the years, I know I can trust a canned frosting’s stick factor. The stuff has serious tack.


Since I am oddly fascinated with tile, and spent weeks agonizing over a tile pattern for my own kitchen, I had to try my hand at “tiling” a cake. The perfect medium? Starburst Minis.


I love the colors of Starburst Minis: sunny yellow, bright orange, hot pink, and muted rose. So, away I went, tiling row by row, using up one 8-oz. bag of Starburst Minis. I found the process to be highly therapeutic, so I highly recommend!

For a finishing touch, I got out my needle and pink thread and sewed (literally) pieces of candy together to create a cake bunting. Using an edible black pen, I wrote out a birthday message on the stitched tiles, and hung them between two wooden BBQ skewers. I tidied up each end with a yellow ribbon.


So simple and so fun for kids of all ages to try!




P.S. – Starburst FaveREDS Minis will be rolling out in 2015! Each 8-oz. resealable pouch will include four different fruit flavors (fruit punch, watermelon, cherry, strawberry) in four shades of red. I feel an ombre cake tiling project coming on!


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Feelin’ Those Sweet Summer Blues?



Feeling blue? Well, here’s what to do: scoop up some sapphire and party with periwinkle, because it’s time to stock up on cerulean sweets! From baby showers to bridal showers, birthdays and bar mitzvahs, there’s never a wrong occasion to decorate with buffets of blue!

We’ve got hues ranging from the lightest baby blue to the deepest navy (and everything in between!). Fill some jars with candy classics, such as Dark Blue M&Ms, Navy Jordan Almonds, and Blue Raspberry Gummy Bears. Tasty Puffy Poles and Pufflettes Gummy Bites in hues of azure also help to round out any display nicely.

Remember the lollies, of course! Pastel Hypno Pops add mesmerizing swirls of cerulean to the mix, while Tesla’s Tiny Twist Pops in turquoise fill vases quite tantalizingly. And since no good buffet can survive without its accessories, remember to include scoops of sapphire and bags and boxes of royal blue!

We could talk about these cobalt candies ’til we’re blue in the face, but why not just let you explore the rest of our selection for yourself?

Check out our entire Blue Candy Collection here!


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The Hottest Summertime Hues — Candy Style!



Coral is so much more than just a colorful invertebrate living under the sea. In fact, coral happens to be the season’s hottest hue! Perfect for everything from interior design to nail polish, this color is everywhere this summer. So why not dive in and invite it to your next party?

Known for portraying positive energy, relaxation, and adding an oceanic ambiance to events, coral can spice up any room, outfit, or festive occasion! It adds a dash of peppiness to décor without overloading it with the intensity of most warm colors. Because it’s created from a mix of yellow, pink, red, and orange, shades of coral can vary widely, making it extremely versatile! Different versions of coral are compatible with nearly any other color with which you may desire to pair them.

As for candy, we’ve got plenty to suit your color-specific needs! If you’re leaning towards a more pinkish coral hue, Jelly Belly jelly beans in Cotton Candy and Bubble Gum are sure to impress. As well, these Pink Grapefruit Gummy Bears are beary sweet additions to the candy bowl, and chewy Bumplettes Beaded Gumdrops will hit the spot — in both your décor and your belly!

You can find redder versions of coral colors in many watermelon flavored sweets. These Fruity Hard Candies should fill out a display nicely, and Kenny’s Juicy Licorice Twists are a sure-fire win with colored candy connoisseurs. For those with a taste for the tangy, Sour Spanks Chewy Candies will round out your buffet with ease.

And if you’re searching for lighter orange shades of the color, look no further than our Peach Salt Water Taffy and Candy Covered Milk Chocolate Lentils!

So be sure to get your summer shindigs into shape with the shades of the season! For more coral confections, check out this list below. Happy buffet building, candy lovers!


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