Peeps Freaks Unite!



Calling all our Peeps! How do you enjoy those fluffy, sugar covered marshmallow treats — fresh, squishy, and straight out of the pack? Maybe a few days old and a little stale? Dipped delicately in chocolate, or perhaps even immersed entirely in a rich cocoa coating? Well no matter how you like them, we have a variety of those sugary little morsels of holiday goodness to tend to every taste bud!

Original chicks and Easter bunnies are a staple of the Easter season, but don’t forget the novelty Peeps! A Giant Marshmallow Bunny will add wow factor to any basket, and little marshmallow chicks resting inside chocolate eggs are an adorable surprise for any Peeps lover!

Yellow chicks lightly dipped in a layer of milk or dark chocolate will make any cocoa fan positively giddy with sugary delight. Or for the even more adventurous, try Chocolate Covered Peeps, who’ve been utterly submerged in the sweet stuff! For a more grownup twist on the original, take a taste of Chocolate Peepsters… fluffy marshmallow is coated with a layer of milk or dark chocolate, making a tempting treat that’s just as sweet as it is sumptuous. You can even use Peeps to add some color to your Easter buffet!

And of course, be sure to check out the rest of our Easter Selection for more seasonal delicacies!


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A Unique Candy Buffet for Your Special Day!


Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue… and how about something sweet? Make your special day as perfect as can be with a little bit of appetizingly ornamental magic! An all white candy buffet makes for a unique and elegant way to accessorize the momentous occasion — dessert and decoration in one! Read below to find out how to design one of your very own!


White Rock Candy Sticks and Whirly Pops with pearlescent swirls make beautiful buffet bouquets. Accentuate the table by filling bowls with Sweet Tarts Flowers and White Candy Hearts for a touch of romance. And Champagne Bubble Candy won’t get you tipsy, but it will definitely provide all the delight of that wedding-worthy beverage in a sweet and chewy confection!white-candy-buffet-081

Fill a few fancily-shaped vessels with round candies of various sizes for a playful yet balanced look. Sixlets Mini Milk Chocolate Balls fill out empty spaces quite nicely, while Pearlescent White Gumballs add a touch of shimmer to the ensemble.

If you plan to keep all your guests happy and minty fresh, make sure to leave them with plenty of Buttermint Creams, enclosed within charming wedding themed wrappers! And if you’re looking for wedding staples, Fine Jordan Almonds are candy coated delicacies, perfect for filling vases or white-candy-buffet-031sprinkling upon tables. As well, Thin White Ribbon Candy looks perfect in place settings and buffet décor.

You can always use some old fashioned favorites to add a dash of every day charm to the display! Vanilla Taffy and White Gummy Bears blend nicely with the theme, while still providing a delectably munchable snacktime favorite for invitees.

It’s a day you’ll never forget, perhaps the most magical event of your life. So design a unique wedding all your own with the sort of decorations that make guest of all ages as giddy as the newlyweds! Check out our White Buffet Page to see more pictures!

See something you like? Here’s a full list of items that appear in our candy display!


White “Just Married” Candy Rolls: 5LB Bag

Wedding Theme Wrapped Buttermints: 300-Piece Case

Old Fashioned Thin Ribbon Candy – White: 8-Piece Box

Champagne Bubbles Candy: 10LB Case

Candy Flowers – White: 5LB Bag

Super Fine Jordan Almonds – White: 5LB Bag

Tiny Candy Hearts – White: 5LB Bag

Buttermint Creams – White: 3LB Bag

Sixlets Mini Milk Chocolate Balls – White: 2LB Bag

Pearlescent White 1-Inch Gumballs: 850-Piece Case

Rock Candy Swizzle Sticks – White – Unwrapped: 72-Piece Box

Milk Chocolate Lentils – White: 5LB Bag

Life Savers Mint Singles: 1000-Piece Case

All White 3-Ounce Twister Lollipops: 12-Piece Box

Jelly Belly Coconut Jelly Beans: 10LB Case

All White Swirl 1.5-Ounce Whirly Pops: 24-Piece Display

Wedding Conversation Candy Hearts: 14-Ounce Bag

White Organza Candy Bags: 30-Piece Pack

Vanilla Salt Water Taffy: 3LB Bag

M&M’s Milk Chocolate Candy – White: 5LB Bag

White Gummy Bears: 5LB Bag

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This Playoff Season, Score a Sweet Slam Dunk!




Whether you’ve got a severe case of March Madness or the NBA is more your style, we know you’ve got some b-ball on the brain. So this season, allow us to assist… with some sporty candy, of course! While you’re weathering the wait or preparing a basketball bash to end all bashes, we have exactly what you’ll need to score courtside sweets!

If you’re chowing down on hot dogs or huge pretzels during the first quarter, you probably don’t want to deal with the accompanying foul breath for the rest of the game. So remember to keep some Basketball Wrapped Buttermint Creams on hand! Or score a three-pointer with some basketball shaped lollipops — everybody loves a sucker!

Foil-wrapped chocolate basketballs are a sweet slam dunk. These chocolate filled mesh bags make great gifts and party favors, while this five pound pack is perfect for filling (and refilling) candy bowls! And kids and adults alike will jump through hoops to get a turn playing these cool b-ball candy games with Shootin’ Hoops Candy Wands or Slam Dunk Gumball Dispensers. Let the revel-rousing play-offs begin!

For more basketball candies, check out our entire Sports Section today!


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Celebrate Spring with an Easter Buffet!



Back in 16th century Germany, children were told a nice bunny rabbit would bring them candies and eggs each Easter if they behaved well all year. So in preparation for the generous hare’s arrival, young girls and boys would create small nests out of bonnets, caps, or baskets, in which the bunny could “lay” his eggs. This custom eventually gave rise to both the traditions of the Easter Bunny and candy-laden Easter baskets!

So what’s even better than an Easter basket? Why, an entire Easter buffet, of course! Read on to learn how to design one of your own!

We filled our buffet with sweet pastel hues and even sweeter candy delicacies, like these seasonal Rolos and Easter Eggs Quins. To create a springtime display sure to delight any and all guests, be sure to stock it with jelly beans, such as these Teenee Beanee delights! And what would the holiday be without a pile of Peeps? Be sure to include some coloful Peeps Chicks and a box of Peeps Bunnies, tucked into vases or laid out on plates for good measure.

Did someone say Easter pops? If not… they should have. Because nothing is more delightful than a bunny shaped lolly! Peppy swirled suckers and delightfully shaped marshmallow pops make a great vertical addition to any candy bowl.

Eggs are another necessity during the spring. So if you must include them, why not make sure they’re delicious? Fill some bowls with colorful Brach’s Bunny Marshmallow Easter Eggs, and watch your guests melt over these oversized jelly beans! As well, Brach’s Fiesta Malted Milk Chocolate Eggs and Reese’s Mini Chocolate Easter Eggs are colorfully delectable additions to any candy dish!

What’s the number one rule of Easter decorations? Never forget the bunny! (Ok, maybe we just made that up, but it sounds good, doesn’t it?) Weighing in at a whopping two pounds, Palmer’s Big Binks is sure to be the center of attention in any buffet! Speaking of chocolate, you should never leave out Cadbury Cream Eggs — they are an Easter staple, after all!

Check out more photos here! See something you like? Here’s a full list of items included in the buffet!

Brach’s Fiesta Malted Milk Chocolate Easter Eggs: 20-Piece Bag

Hippy Chicky Walking Easter Egg Candy Dispenser

Brach’s Bunny Basket Marshmallow Easter Eggs: 9-Ounce Bag

Big Binks 32-Ounce Chocolate Easter Bunny

Juju Bunny Rabbits Easter Candy: 5LB Bag

Cadbury Creme Eggs: 4-Piece Box

Reese’s Mini Chocolate Easter Eggs Candy: 50-Piece Bag

Spring Rolo Candy: 11-Ounce Bag

Pastel Blue Caramel Filled Chocolate Bird Eggs: 5LB Bag

Easter PEZ Candy Packs: 12-Piece Display

M&M’s Minis Candy Filled Easter Bunny Figurines: 12-Piece Box

Marshmallow Easter Pops: 12-Piece Box

Waddles Marshmallow Ducks in Chocolate Eggs: 12-Piece Box

Jumbo Easter Lollipops: 12-Piece Box

Foiled Standing Milk Chocolate Easter Rabbits: 60-Piece Box

Large Upright 9-Ounce Sugar Eggs: 4-Piece Set

Jelly Belly Mickey and Minnie Easter Jelly Beans 1.2-Ounce Packs: 24-Piece Display

Foiled Milk Chocolate Easter Eggs 12-Piece Crates: 12-Piece Pack

White Easter Bunny Toy and Candy Basket

PAAS Sky Bar Milk Chocolate Caramel Eggs: 24-Piece Display

Easter Eggs Assorted Quins Candy: 3LB Box

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Shop Like an Early Bird This Easter!




Chickies and bunnies and eggs, oh my!

Looks like it’s that time of year again. Plants are budding, flowers are in bloom, and baby animals run rampant across our hearts and imaginations. Rebirth and renewal are everywhere… and you should probably make sure some candy is, too!

It’s time to fill your house with bouquets and your candy bowls with…more bouquets? Why not! Don your tables with this sweet and crunchy take on spring’s own natural decorations. Yellow, purple, and green candy flowers give the real things a run for their money… plus they’re sweeter, too!

And don’t forget the novelty chick and bunny items! Wind up Hippy Chicky and watch her waddle around, leaving droppings of delicious hard candy treats in her wake! Or, if chocolate is more your style, why not try Big Binks on for size? Measuring 18 inches in height, this fantastic milk chocolate creation weighs a whopping two pounds! Now that’s what we call an Easter celebration.

Seasonal staples such as Cadbury Crème Eggs and Brach’s Marshmallow Easter Eggs are the kind of delicious sweets you crave all year but can only get during spring. So kick off the celebrations early this year — it’s never too soon to start stocking up on Easter candy!

Hop to it… check out the rest of our Easter Candy today!

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Timeless Candy Classics!




One of the greatest things about tasting a beloved childhood treat is its ability to transport you back to a simpler time, where the definition of pure bliss was nothing more than a bite of your favorite candy bar and a warm hug.

But who’s to say that’s not still the quickest way to reach euphoria? Check out our extensive collection of nostalgic candies and get ready to re-achieve sweet, sweet enlightenment with some of your favorite flavors from yesteryear!

Just in time for spring, Brach’s Marshmallow Candy Eggs are back! Delightful holiday favorites are a sweet and fluffy way to fill up your Easter baskets (and your cheeks!). Or take your taste buds back in time to the age of the Space Race with a lick of delicious tri-colored, rocket-shaped Astro Pops!

You can also experience the fun of an entire decade’s worth of candy with these Retro Candy Gift Boxes. Peace out with the sweet treats from the 1960s, get your disco on with groovy 1970’s candy temptations, or put on some leg warmers, tease your hair, and grab a box of confection perfection from the 1980s! If you’re longing for the flavors of your childhood, then it’s time to treat yourself to candy classics.

Check out the rest of our Nostalgic Candies to find more old-fashioned favorites!

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Jelly Bean Lovers, Unite!




Do you have a passion for jelly beans? A minor addiction to those chewy little ovals of goodness? When you go to bed, do visions of jelly beans dance in your head?

Well, it’s about time we Jelly Bean Lovers unite! If you or someone you know suffers from a severe lack of jelly beans in their life, coupled with an overwhelming desire to snack upon the aforementioned treat, then please allow us to introduce to you the newest addition to the CandyWarehouse jelly bean family: Teenee Beanee!

Explore our grand country coast to coast with the American Medley! Bursting with fantastic fruity goodness, each Teenee bite helps you to discover a delightfully delicious land with liberty and flavor for all. Take your taste buds on a trip to Wine Country with Napa Grape, sail to the east coast shores with Chesapeake Cherry, or bask in the warmth of the Texan sun with Laredo Lime.

If small-town living is more your style, then why not nestle in with some of Teenee Beanee’s Country Retreats? Based off the simple pleasures of homemade desserts, sweet Banana Cream Pie and Blueberry Cobbler provide a quiet retreat from the hectic hours of your usual day.

Experience a world of flavor in each little oval. Don’t let their diminutive size fool you, these tiny candies are bursting with BIG taste!

Check out the entire Teenee Beanee collection today!

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Leprechauns Rejoice!


Layout 1


Searching for your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?

Yeah, we haven’t found ours yet, either. But who needs gold when you could have sweet, sweet, St. Patrick’s Day Candy instead? This holiday, fill yourself up on treats delicious enough to make even leprechauns green with envy! (The pot of gold can wait.)

Save yourself from being pinched this Paddy’s Day by stocking up on green candies! Green Foiled Chocolate Shamrocks are festive treats perfectly suited for filling candy bowls. Bonus: You can always keep the wee ones busy by telling them to hunt through the sweets for a four-leaf clover! They won’t find any but hey — everyone wins when it comes to chocolate. And it’s never a bad idea to keep a few St. Patrick’s Day Wrapped Buttermint Creams on hand to freshen up that breath after too much corned beef and cabbage. Or use them to fill this Shamrock Piñata, then take a shillelagh to it for a bloody good time!

Seeing leprechauns yet? If not, you probably want a bit more Bailey’s in that cup o’ yours! For a delicious, chocolaty spin on that smooth Irish cream flavor, try a bite of these Bailey’s Liquor Filled Chocolates, featuring rich milk chocolate with a touch of real liqueur. Or if you’re looking for a fun non-alcoholic beverage with a twist, then it’s your lucky day! Simply add warm water to these Luck O’ The Irish Hot Chocolate Cauldrons to create a deliciously festive green-hued hot cocoa!

Celebrate Emerald Isle-style with our other St. Paddy’s Day picks!

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Chew on Something New!




Are you a candy pioneer? Love to be the first to know the latest trends on the sweet scene? If the loot in your candy bowls is sooo 2013, then allow us to introduce you to this year’s hottest new treats (thus far). Read on and get ready to chew on something new!

Into the aquatic life? In that case, check out Gummy American Fish! Made in the USA, these new beauties are a patriotic delicacy with a texture and chew similar to Swedish Fish, but with the star-spangled backbone of any true-blue Yankee Doodle. (Note: Said “backbone” is purely metaphorical, as these marine sweets are still gummies, after all.) Try ‘em all in hues of purple, pink, and blue! One bite and you’ll be hooked.

Or celebrate the rebirth of one of the most popular candies of the 18th century! Lancaster Caramels have been MIA from the confectionery game for over 100 years now, but the extraordinary texture and flavor of these rich and creamy soft candies has finally been resurrected. Expertly crafted from quality ingredients, the original caramel and vanilla and raspberry treats are delights well worth waiting centuries for.

Visit us often to check out our sweet new arrivals!


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Slacking on Valentine Plans? It’s Not Too Late!




Suddenly found yourself with an unexpected Valentine’s Day date? Hey, love can strike at any time! Forgot V-Day was just around the corner? No worries, it happens to the best of us. Either way, there’s no need to find yourself up a river without a paddle… or Valentine candy. Use our handy shipping deadlines chart to ensure that you order some just in time! (Candy, we mean. We do not currently provide river paddles.)

Pink is the color of the hour, so don’t forget the cerise treats! Try out this pretty pink hot chocolate; it’s sure to bring a blush to your cheeks and a warmth to your heart. Or go ahead and back up your cutesy lines (“Of all the fish in the sea, you’re the only one for me!”) with these rosy and unique aquatic candies!

You can never go wrong with Sweetheart Conversation Hearts… especially ones that glitter! Try the Rock Star version for extra bedazzled fun. Or let these adorable red and white Valentine Gummy Bears do the talking — they don’t actually say much, but boy are they bound to inspire all sorts of cuddles!

Don’t end up in the dog house… order some Valentine’s Day Treats today!


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