Delicious Skull-icious Candy… Just in Time for Halloween!

Skull-licious-hdrWhere would we be without our trusty skulls? With our brains leaking out onto the floor, no doubt. Sure, you can wear a hardhat, a helmet, or a really durable toupee, but nothing is on the job 24 hours a day like your trusty cranium. Why not reward that hardworking braincase by shoving some delicious candy into it?

During Halloween, we have a special sweet spot for the scariest of skulls. After all, our own are complete with hideous teeth, eye, ear, and nose holes! Thank goodness for skin, am I right?gummy-skulls-candy-130071

Contemplate your horrific viscera with succulent Gourmet Gummy Skulls. Nibble on one to reveal the cherry filling hidden inside!

Or, if you’re a bit hemophobic, reach for boney Skull Pops. These two-sided noggins were imported from the local medical lab and feature lip-smackingly sweet grape and strawberry flavors.

giant-gummy-skull-131420If you’re seeking a prop like the one in Hamlet’s famous graveyard monologue, or maybe you’re just looking for macabre memento mori, the World’s Largest Giant Gummy Skull is guaranteed to elicit terrifyingly marvelous cranial enthusiasm. Use this cherry flavored novelty to frighten trick-or-treaters, or slice and dice slabs to serve to unwitting party guests.

To appropriately celebrate Dia de los Muertos (aka Day of the Dead), stock up on Day of the Dead Candy Toppers to accompany traditional calaveras de

The brightly colored hard candy is perfect for decorating cookies and baked goods, or using as edible confetti on a Halloween candy buffet.

Shop our full selection of skull sweets and treats!

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Candy Makes a Sweet Birthday Celebration for RueMag!

We’re thrilled to have been a part of recent birthday festivities over at Rue Mag! The always fashion-forward Rue team partnered up with our friends Maddy and Shauna at Confetti Pop to create a dream party, including a stylishly delicious dessert table featuring sweets from CandyWarehouse. Check out the amazing photos below taken by Paper Antler, and you can also read the full blog post here.

rue magazine - 0166

rue magazine - 0191 rue magazine - 0174 rue magazine - 0196 rue magazine - 0200

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Want the Scoop on the Newest Candy?



Admit it -- you love new things. And we do, too! So today we're delivering a super sweet message filled with our newest candy products.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to carry a bite-sized pizza around in your purse or pocket, just in case you get a craving for Italian pie while you're out and about? Look no further than Oregano Pizza Hard Candies! Each savory piece tastes just like a slice of spicy pizza.

Just because summer is winding to a close doesn't mean you can't still enjoy everyone's favorite warm-weather treat -- cotton candy! You don't have to wait for next year's carnival to come around when you have an awesome Table Top Cotton Candy Maker at home! This convenient machine lets you add your choice of colorful hard candy or sugar crystals to create any flavor of fluffy stuff your sugar-soaked heart may desire. Let your imagination run wild and customize cottony treats for any number of party guests!

We also have a lot of amazing non-candy Gummy Bear Accessories sweetening up our stock as of late. Take, for instance, this adorable Gummy Bear Night Light. He'll illuminate your evenings and guide you safely on any midnight snack voyage... just make sure his squishy, luminous frame is not the object of your nighttime cravings -- he's not edible!

Remember, you can always check us out on Facebook or Twitter for daily candy fun!

Visit us often for the newest inventory arrivals!





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Delicious Deals on Haunting Halloween Treats!

halloween-treats-hdrDouble, double toil and trouble; fire burn, and, well, you know the rest. Ominous, crisp air is settling across harvested fields, and the nights are tinged with the scent of sinister wood smoke.


While you were busy, summer gasped its last breath, and Halloween is coming to dance on its grave.

Hauntings, incantations, and spirits are afoot. And once again, you’re called upon to observe the annual Hallow’s Eve ritual of concocting the creepiest combination of candy to keep the goblins (or hungry trick-or-treaters) at bay.

Eye of newt and toe of frog, wool of bat and tongue of dog. Pay heed to the sugary wraiths with treats that are both delicious and disgusting. Horrify onlookers with Cherry Liquid Candy Blood as it coats your teeth and dribbles down your chin.

For the feistier fiends, feast on the gooey gray matter of the dead with handfuls of Jelly Filled Gummy Brains!

And what coven is complete without a “charmed pot” in which to brew your potions? These Candy Cauldrons come with a broom-shaped lollipop for licking and dipping into the buckets of fizzy fruit flavored candy powder. Don’t make the same mistake as last year when you tried to cut corners by just licking dirt off a regular broom.

If your candy spells require less shocking and more traditional candy fare, choose classic Reese’s Peanut Butter Milk Chocolate Pumpkins instead. Difficult to eat only one, these happy gourd-shaped candies are always a Halloween handout hit.

But all the magic in the world can’t help if you run out of candy on Halloween night. Don’t be the one house on the block with the dimmed porch light. Arm yourself with a massive array of irresistible Devil’s Night treats.

Shop our entire selection of Halloween Candy!

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Un”bear”ably Adorable Accents for Your Home or Office!


A few weeks back, one of our candy elves tried pushing a giant gummy bear into an electrical outlet, hoping that the delicious candy would magically conduct electricity and illuminate our dark offices at night. Not long afterwards, another elf ventured to add a few pictures to our lunchroom pegboard using gummi bears as tacks, only to have the sweet treats slide down the canvas and the pictures fall sadly to the floor.


Thankfully, our failed attempts at having gummy bears play a larger role in our lives can now be fulfilled with a new variety of gummies that are versatile enough to make these dreams come true!

Illuminate your dark hallways and rooms with a ridiculously cute Gummy Bear Night Light! This squishy, colorful accessory looks and feels like a real gummy bear, but he’s 100 times bigger and infinitely more useful around the house. Squeeze his soft, round belly and a high-powered LED light will switch on to illuminate the darkness, guiding your path during any midnight snack mission.

(Just try not to mistake him for a sweet treat! This is one gummy friend that isn’t munch-able.)

Sure, they’re sticky, but, as our candy elf recently realized, gummy bears do not make a reliable means of pinning pictures and to-do lists to fridges, lockers, or white boards. But there is a new solution: Gummy Bear Magnets! These squidgy friends come in red, white, green, orange, and yellow colors, and the best part is that they’ll stick to your fridge, not your fingers.

And if you’re looking for a bear buddy for the bath or shower, check out these fruit-scented Gummy Bear Soaps! They come in a variety of enchanting aromas and colors, and they’re great for cleaning up sticky messes! Just remember, these delightful, skin-friendly, glycerine-based bear soaps are great for washing, but bad for eating.

If you’re a true devotee of all things sweet and sugary, then it’s time to expand your gummy-loving horizons with Gummy Bear Night Lights, Magnets, and Soap!

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Call a Candy Audible for Your Next Tailgate Party!

College-Football-hdrHuddle up, team, because college football premiers this week. If we plan to go all the way this year, we’ll need something better tasting to chew on than last year’s old mouth guard. And in order to taste the sweetness of victory over our rivals, we need to first… taste actual sweetness. Here are coach-approved treats that are sure to bring us the TDs we need to win all season long.

Football is about brawn, speed, and power. But like all great sports, it’s also a mental game. There’s no better way to get inside your opponent’s head than by punctuating your on-field trash talk with a fruit-flavored Football Sucker in your mouth, just like Kojak himself. Because nobody wants to be insulted Telly Savalas-style.

football-suckers-131605 inset-127917

Before the snap, you have to look fierce while facing down the opposing team on the line of scrimmage. And there’s nothing more fierce than minty fresh breath. Pop a few Football Wrapped Buttermints in your mouth before getting into position, and let the wintery freshness waft their way. The momentary hesitation caused by their garlic breath embarrassment will be to your advantage when the ball is hiked.

The force of smashing into a defensive lineman is enough to turn any delicious confection back into powdered sugar. Luckily PEZ makes a protective dispenser for their bite-sized candies. Luckier still, these College Football PEZ Packs will keep your sweets safe while showing off your school spirit during the game.


This season, we’re ready to do an end run for the end zone for some serious, spike-worthy points. Avoid the dessert table hail mary at your next tailgate or football party by stocking up on these festive football candies today!

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Fashion a Festive Fall Candy Buffet!

Autumn-BuffetFalling leaves, football games, and Thanksgiving celebrations featuring turkey-themed creations. Put all this together and what do you get? The official start of autumn, of course! And there are few better ways to enjoy the cool harvest days than with a beautiful fall-themed candy buffet.

Lollipops are always a favorite in any candy display, especially when they are as pretty as Autumn Leaf Pops. Or embellish your candy creation with a variety of fall-colored Hypno Pops Lollipops in red, orange, and yellow!

We also know a jolly group of autumnal ursine treats willing to join the festivities. Autumn Gummy Bears feature festive shades of brown, yellow, and orange, making them the best-dressed bears of the season.

And no harvest candy buffet would be complete without the signature flavors of fall. Make sure to stock up on amazingly addictive Jelly Belly Autumn Mix Jelly Beans and delightfully delicious Caramel Apple Milky Way Miniatures!

For more inventive ideas for your holiday candy buffet, check out our entire selection of Autumn and Fall Candy today!

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Back to School Sweet Candy Fashion!

Autumn is just around the corner, and if you have a kid, know a kid, or are a kid, you definitely understand what that means — it’s time for back to school shopping! You can’t head into the new school year without some cool, hip gear. Like last year, everyone is bound to be rocking the same en vogue trends, so why follow the crowd? This fall, show off your own unique (and sweet!) look by ushering in this back-to-school season with supreme, sugar-inspired stylin’!

Eschew those boring dresses and pants; we hear the biggest trend of the moment is comfy, casual candy couture! If you’re a fan of intense fruity flavor, then why not let the world know by wearing a glittery Starburst Juicy Goodness T-Shirt? Or, if chocolate M&M’s are more your style, get sassy with a Miss Green M&M tee!

Everybody needs a little bling for the big schoolyard return. Whether you’re ga-ga for Gummy Bear Earrings, jazzed by a Jawbreaker Necklace, or crazy for Candy Bracelets, there’s a design to suit your every fashion taste bud! But don’t take that literally, as these adorable charms are made of rubber, acrylic beads, or plastic, and are thus meant to be eye candy only. Wear ‘em, love ‘em, just don’t eat em!

You may be eagerly awaiting the beginning of the new term, or a bit bummed to see summer come to an end — either way, you can still get excited for the yummiest trends to hit the hallways since sugar-coated sliced bread! Shop our entire selection of Candy-Themed T-Shirts or Candy Fashion Accessories today!

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Disney’s Planes Has Soared into Theaters!


Planes, Disney’s latest animated adventure, is a movie set in the same universe as the animated automobile blockbuster, Cars. And it’s in theaters now!

If you’re as excited about this high-flying aviation sensation as we are, then why not celebrate the film’s release with delicious, fun, and useful candy?

Awesome Lite-Up Airplane Fan Pops are our current aeronautic-themed obsession. Each pop has a flavorful, fruity lollipop on one end (delicious) and a toy model airplane on the other (fun) that lights up with spinning propellers at the push of a button (useful)!lite-up-airplane-fan-pops-128498-im

Satisfy your sweet tooth, see in the dark, and keep cool all at the same time. What more could anyone possibly want in a treat? Plus they’re the most festively flight-worthy way to celebrate Disney’s Planes.

Elevate your film-viewing delight with a lollipop that truly soars above and beyond the rest!

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National S’mores Day has Arrived!

Smores-DayIt’s time for a CandyWarehouse PSA (aka “Perfectly Sweet Announcement”):

Saturday, August 10th, is officially National S’Mores Day!

This special day is one of our top 10 favorites. We just can’t wait to crank up the campfire and start roasting delicious marshmallows!

We don’t settle for just any plain ol’ marshmallows either. Our number one choice is Puffy Poles Jumbo Marshmallow Twists. Twice the length of your average ‘mallow, these fluffy sugar pillows have a supremely subtle fruit flavor, which adds a delicious and colorful twist to the standard chocolate-and-graham-cracker concoction.

And our go-to roasting utensils are none other than Telescoping Toasting Forks that come in blue, purple, and pink. The handles feature a rotisserie knob you can rotate with your thumb, ensuring your Puffy Poles toast evenly on all sides!

So there you have it — all the S’mores creation information you’ll need to celebrate this holiday in style.

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