Party like a Pilgrim!



It’s important to give thanks on Thanksgiving. Come to think of it, we’re pretty sure that’s how the holiday got its name in the first place. So what’s the very best way to do so? Well, by eating, of course! By stuffing your turkey with stuffing, and then stuffing yourself with turkey. By making sure you have a pile of potatoes and gravy giant enough to last you through to the 4th quarter of the game. By loading up your dessert plate with enough sweets and treats to give even the largest linemen a sugar rush. And this holiday, why not up the wow factor at your party by decking out your dessert table with autumn-themed sweets?

First off, be sure to accent your display with the taste of fall. Mini Chattanooga Pecan Pies and Cranberry Bog Frogs (made with real berries plucked fresh from the bogs of Cape Cod!) make a delicious addition to the typical pumpkin-themed smorgasbord.

Always remember to include some confectionery turkeys for good measure. Exquisitely designed hard candy Turkey Lollipops are hand decorated with icing, and they look fantastic in any centerpiece display.

Adorable Bubblegum Turkeysalso make great place settings and table decorations. Invite these big birds to your party, delight in their festive presence, then gobble them right up!

And of course, no Thanksgiving celebration would be complete without a little bit of pigskin. These Peanut Butter Filled Chocolate Footballs make just as fantastic a dessert as they do an adornment. And Jawbreaker Football Helmets will be sure to spruce up the chips and dip table whilst keeping all the kiddies entertained at the same time!

However you choose to celebrate, always remember to party like a pilgrim and show thanks to your tummy with a collection of themed sweets!

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