Peeps Freaks Unite!



Calling all our Peeps! How do you enjoy those fluffy, sugar covered marshmallow treats — fresh, squishy, and straight out of the pack? Maybe a few days old and a little stale? Dipped delicately in chocolate, or perhaps even immersed entirely in a rich cocoa coating? Well no matter how you like them, we have a variety of those sugary little morsels of holiday goodness to tend to every taste bud!

Original chicks and Easter bunnies are a staple of the Easter season, but don’t forget the novelty Peeps! A Giant Marshmallow Bunny will add wow factor to any basket, and little marshmallow chicks resting inside chocolate eggs are an adorable surprise for any Peeps lover!

Yellow chicks lightly dipped in a layer of milk or dark chocolate will make any cocoa fan positively giddy with sugary delight. Or for the even more adventurous, try Chocolate Covered Peeps, who’ve been utterly submerged in the sweet stuff! For a more grownup twist on the original, take a taste of Chocolate Peepsters… fluffy marshmallow is coated with a layer of milk or dark chocolate, making a tempting treat that’s just as sweet as it is sumptuous. You can even use Peeps to add some color to your Easter buffet!

And of course, be sure to check out the rest of our Easter Selection for more seasonal delicacies!


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