Pops for Your Pop! (And Other Candy, too!)



Stumped as to what to get your old man for Daddy’s Day? Well, let us let you in on a little secret… Real men love candy. Heck, everyone loves candy! So do your dad a solid and get him something he’ll really love this year… because it’s not always just the thought that counts, but you can never go wrong with his favorite sweets!

Whether he rocks a ‘stach or fancies the clean-shaven look, our mustache candies are always a favorite. Or get some pops for your inset-126923Pops! We’ve got plenty of options to suit his tastes, from Beard-Shaped Pops to Bow Tie Pops to Giant Caramel Sugar Daddies! So go ahead, surprise him with some manly sweets and macho treats, like a pile of his favorite candy! Great for Pops, Grandpops, Great Grandpops, or any grand man in your life.

Shop the rest of our Father’s Day Candy here!



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