Sink Your Teeth into Our Shark Sweets!

sharkwater-lineSharks: sharp-toothed predators, pirates of the animal kingdom, princes of the sea…  and just like us? Seems like it; apparently most shark species respond to a sound known as the “yummy hum,” and we’re going to stop right there because that is exactly our favorite sound as well! The happy mmm noise you hear when someone bites into their favorite candy — this is what we call a yummy hum. Apparently the shark version is an infrasonic sound that injured fish make shark-fin-lollipop-126451-em(which helps them locate an easy meal), but still, all in all it’s the same sort of thing.

Celebrate our yummy-loving brethren of the sea with a fin-tastic smattering of delicious shark candies! And prepare yourself for Shark Week 2014, starting Sunday, August 10th.
Sharks have been known to eat everything from polar bears and horses to microscopic plankton. Show some solidarity and diversify your palate by indulging in an assortment of gummy shark treats! We’ve got colorful Rainbow Sharks, big blue Gummy Killer Sharks, and even grinning Gummy Sharks with Teeth! Or get a little gooey with the Juicy Oozers Sharks. Looks like blood, tastes like cherry — all in all a great combination.

shark-attack-tooth-candy-necklaces-132479-emSearching for something a little less chewy? Crunchy candy necklaces come complete with a neat, sweet, shark tooth charm, perfect for fans of the Great White. And just try to refrain from humming the Jaws theme song while you lick one of these big blue dorsal fin lollipops! Use them to make a fruity, cruelty-free version of shark fin soup… or merely scare your little sister in the pool. That one’s your call.

Stock up on Shark Candy just in time for Shark Week, starting August 10th!


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