Slumber Sweetly with Candy-Inspired Neck Pillows!


On long, cross-country flights, (or even longer, overseas flights), you may encounter a lot of issues to reckon with regarding your seating arrangement.

Unless you’re lounging in first class, you probably won’t have much leg room. You can get stuck next to super chatty passengers, and the flight attendants might accidentally skip you when it comes time to bring out the beverages.

But despite all these travel trials and tribulations, there are still few things worse than tossing and turning in your seat, only to wake from a fitful sleep with a super cramped neck.

While we can’t offer you more leg room or improve the behavior of fellow fliers, we can definitely help you solve the post-nap neck cramp with one of these quirky and colorful neck pillows! Their designs have been inspired by nostalgic candy favorites including Nerds, Razzles, Tootsie Rolls, and Double Bubble.

Filled with microbeads for extra comfort, each candy-themed pillow is super squishy and sure to cradle your neck just right for comfortable snoozing. (Even the kicky kid in the seat behind you will become a little more bearable with one of these babies!)

They’re idea for any type of travel — car trips, train excursions, and more!

So no matter what seating situation you might be stuck in, this candy-inspired neck pillow is sure to inspire the sweetest of dreams!

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