Spellbinding New Hypno Pop Lollipops — Only at CandyWarehouse!


We ventured deep into the woods of Holland to seek out the mysterious candy lab of Hypno The Hypnotist. It was there that we discovered his most delicious new invention — Hypno Pops Petite Swirled Lollipops!

Inspired by the vividly colorful fields of poppies near his Dutch home, Hypno created each vibrant lollipop to have a mesmerizing pattern, designed to make anyone’s sweet tooth lust for a lick. And they taste as amazing as they look! In alluring Black Cherry, Orange, Blueberry, Lime, Grape, Strawberry, Lemon, and Cherry flavors, there are plenty of colorful choices to take care of all of your hypnotizing needs. Hypno2

Our candy elves couldn’t resist trying out their hypnotizing skills on each other. It’s easy: Simply unwrap a Hypno Pop and wave its delectably swirled goodness in front of your target’s face while quietly saying, “You’re getting hungry… very, very hungry…” (Just make sure you aren’t tempted to eat the lollipop yourself before accomplishing your mission!) Hypno the Hypnotist swears by this exact method.

While CandyWarehouse cannot confirm the actual hypnotic powers of the Hypno Pop (to be honest, their tempting swirls probably won’t put anyone in a trance), we all can agree that they’re spellbindingly scrumptious. But we encourage you to try it just once! Direct from Holland, these yummy treats are sure to add a bit of enchanting flair to your candy collection.

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