Super Supplies for the Big Bowl Game!



This year, the second largest day for food consumption in America (right behind Thanksgiving) will happen to fall on Sunday, February 2nd — but football fans already knew that! If you’re planning a super party and stocking up on Bowl supplies, don’t leave your hungry fans… well, hungry. Fill them up with fun, football-themed treats, turn on the television, and get to guzzling!

You know what the real problem with footballs is? Air. They’re positively full of it! But you can solve the issue of leather-bound emptiness quite simply and sweetly with one of our versions! For example, this large football looks like a pigskin, but once you peel off that authentic-looking wrapper, you’ll be greeted by a fantastic chocolate interior! Or how about these Peanut Butter Filled Chocolate Footballs? Chocolate on the outside with a creamy, peanut butter surprise at the center! Or go ahead and create your own fun by filling this Football Piñata with the sweets of your choice!

Need some super party amenities for the Big Game? When a regular candy bowl won’t do… why not turn to this 26-Pound Party Gummy Bear? Equipped with a perfectly concave belly (uniquely suited to hold any treats of your choice) this big red gummy bear makes a fine party guest and also doubles as a snack once he’s been emptied of his candy-licious filling! And these Football Suckers make the perfect edible embellishments for any buffet table, from tailgates to TV rooms!

 Check out the rest of our Sports Candy for more ideas!

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