Sweet Stocking Stuffers and Gift Ideas!



Since when did the holiday season become synonymous with long lines, frenzied 4am door rushes, and overfilled parking lots? That’s not the winter spirit we like to envision! So this season, beat the mad mall dash and score awesome gifts sweet enough to please all the nice (and naughty) folks on your list with some of our tasty suggestions!

Perfect for the connoisseur of fine music and fine chocolate, these Reber Mozart Kurel Chocolates come in a classy, violin-shaped box… but unlike the instrument, this one’s filled with delicious, nutty chocolate! Or, for the candy fashionista in your life, check out these Gummy Bear Earrings and Adjustable Swirl Rings! They’re the trendiest way to express your sweet side (and since they’re not actually edible, they’re sure to last much longer than your average confectionery gift!).

Of course, no holiday season is complete without some fun, festive treats! Give your loved ones a laugh with Wind-up Candy Poopers. These fellas will add some tasty joy to your celebration by decorating with delicious droppings of colorful round candy balls! Also check out this fancy Handcrafted Candy Cane Pack, perfect for the discerning seasonal sweets enthusiast. And lastly, take a look at our fancy Hanukkah selections. Who needs a dreidel made out of clay when you could have one that lights up as it spins? Now that’s the way to celebrate the Festival of Lights!

For more gift ideas, check out our entire selection today!

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