Sweeten Up Your Jewelry Box With Candy-Inspired Accessories!

Do you like jewelry? Do you love sugar? Do you adore the idea of jewelry made of sugar?!

Well, this isn’t that. In fact, it’s even better! Because unlike actual candy bracelets and ring pops, which lose any fashion appeal once they’ve been gulped down in a sugar-loving frenzy, the Heart Pendant Candy Bracelet and Neon Swirl Lollipop Ring are made of painted acrylic — and are thus inedible — so their sweet-chic style is sure to last and last! neon-swirl-adjustable-ring-132816-im heart-bracelet-132820-im

And if you have a passion for gummies, these gummy bear necklaces, bracelets, and earrings will certainly tickle your sweet tooth! But despite the fact that they look and feel as good as the real thing, these little beauties are actually made of colorful rubber. blue-giant-gummy-bear-necklace-132786-im

On the bright side, the charms’ lack of edibility means that you won’t be tempted to snack on your jewelry, and their longevity as delightful trinkets is assured! They’re all the fun of a candy necklace without any of the calories.

If you’re looking to indulge in all the awesome fashion of candy jewelry without being tempted to indulge in a bite, then go ahead and show off your sweet side with sugar-inspired charms! You might not be able to eat them, but that’s what real candy is for.pink-gummy-bear-earring-132801-im

Note: These items do not contain edible parts. Wear ‘em, love ‘em, but just don’t eat ‘em!

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