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Candy to Sink Your Fangs Into!

When the kiddies get all dressed up in their costumes and appear at your door this Halloween, you can’t answer their knocks empty-handed. What are you, some kind of monster? (For the sake of this analogy, we’re going to assume … Continue reading

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Do You Like Purple?

A combination of the warmest hue (red) and the coolest shade (blue), purple is often believed to be the ideal color. Long used as a symbol of royalty, it is said to represent good judgment and peace of mind. And … Continue reading

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Don’t Go Bacon Our Hearts!

There are only two kinds of people in this world: those who love bacon, and those who love bacon but won’t admit it. And no matter which side you fall on, this much is clear — when bacon and candy … Continue reading

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Cake Tiling with Starburst Minis

Hi! I’m Sue Gillerlain, and I am stopping in to guest post. I have been writing about candy for more than a decade in print and digital formats, so I know a little bit about the sweet stuff. Actually, I’m … Continue reading

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