Take a Course in Monstrosities with Monsters University PEZ!

pez-monsters-132377-hdrDo you have a passion for science? Business? What about spooking and scaring? Luckily, Monsters University offers courses in all of the above, and so much more!

Monsters University, the long-awaited prequel to Pixar’s beloved hit movie Monsters Inc., is sure to be a blockbuster this summer. And what better way to celebrate the film’s release than to kick back with PEZ candy packs in the shapes of these kooky characters?

Featuring the cartoon heads of Sully, Mike, Randy, and Squishy, each dispenser comes with two packs of delicious PEZ candy. If you take your time munching, that amount of PEZ could last you the length of the entire movie! Though if you should choose to unleash your inner monster and gobble down an entire pack at once, no one will judge… movie theaters are dark anyways!pez-packs

As they say at Monsters University, “There is a difference between being a Monster, and behaving monstrously. That difference is MU.” (But we hear anything goes when it comes to candy!)

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