The Hottest Party Accessories For Your Next Soirée


You probably accessorize your wardrobe, your bedroom, and your office. Heck, you might even accessorize your pets. So, why not try stepping it up a notch by accessorizing your parties? If you plan to serve guests an array of candy (and who are we kidding, of course you do!), then let us suggest a few ways to embellish your party décor just a little bit more!

Boring old candy bowls are so last century. Instead, try decorating your dessert table with this eclectic set of Patisserie Pedestal Candy Jars. They look fantastic filled with sweets! Or if you have a variety of sprinkles, shavings, and other toppings for an ice cream buffet, this Ice Cream Social Spinning Server does a lot more than look adorable at the center of the table. It will also help keep your sugary morsels superbly organized!

Candy buffets are a terrific party addition — not only do they make a gorgeous display, you can also send your guests home with an assortment of goodies at the end of the fete! But rather than shoveling sweets around with a traditional spoon, or even (gasp!) your hands, why not use a candy handler that’s as fashionable as it is useful? Stylish plastic candy scoops come in an assortment of colors to match any candy buffet color scheme.

And to make your guests’ goodies easy to transport, stock up on trendy Honeycomb Candy Bags — they’re perfect for any occasion!

Remember, while planning your next party, stop by our Party Supplies department to find the perfect accessories for your event!

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