The Hottest Summertime Hues — Candy Style!



Coral is so much more than just a colorful invertebrate living under the sea. In fact, coral happens to be the season’s hottest hue! Perfect for everything from interior design to nail polish, this color is everywhere this summer. So why not dive in and invite it to your next party?

Known for portraying positive energy, relaxation, and adding an oceanic ambiance to events, coral can spice up any room, outfit, or festive occasion! It adds a dash of peppiness to décor without overloading it with the intensity of most warm colors. Because it’s created from a mix of yellow, pink, red, and orange, shades of coral can vary widely, making it extremely versatile! Different versions of coral are compatible with nearly any other color with which you may desire to pair them.

As for candy, we’ve got plenty to suit your color-specific needs! If you’re leaning towards a more pinkish coral hue, Jelly Belly jelly beans in Cotton Candy and Bubble Gum are sure to impress. As well, these Pink Grapefruit Gummy Bears are beary sweet additions to the candy bowl, and chewy Bumplettes Beaded Gumdrops will hit the spot — in both your décor and your belly!

You can find redder versions of coral colors in many watermelon flavored sweets. These Fruity Hard Candies should fill out a display nicely, and Kenny’s Juicy Licorice Twists are a sure-fire win with colored candy connoisseurs. For those with a taste for the tangy, Sour Spanks Chewy Candies will round out your buffet with ease.

And if you’re searching for lighter orange shades of the color, look no further than our Peach Salt Water Taffy and Candy Covered Milk Chocolate Lentils!

So be sure to get your summer shindigs into shape with the shades of the season! For more coral confections, check out this list below. Happy buffet building, candy lovers!


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