These Diamonds Can Be Everyone’s Best Friend!

CandyWarehouse is the EXCLUSIVE online retailer of a fabulous new set of gems. These rare diamonds are of superb quality, boasting superior cut, color, and clarity — oh, and did we mention they’re completely edible? Diamond Candy Gems from

The world’s largest orange diamond weighs in at a mere gram — the same size as one of these sweet little jewels. It was also recently purchased for 3 million dollars!

If you’re looking for baubles on a budget, opt for our candy versions instead! You can get a pack of 40 gems for 1/375,000 of the orange diamond’s selling price. (If you don’t feel like doing the math, that’s $8 per pack, making these precious stones the best bargain around!)

Create a delicious candy display that’s positively dripping with diamonds! In pink, purple, blue, orange, yellow, green, and clear, these candy gems add an extra sparkle to any party theme. Sprinkle handfuls onto tabletops, toss a few into glasses of champagne, or decorate frosted baked goods — the ideas are endless!


Diamond Candy Gems in Champagne from


Next time you’re searching for a classy bit of candy bling, look no further! CandyWarehouse is delighted to help with all your (edible) diamond needs.

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