Think BIG to Satisfy Any Sweet Tooth This Holiday!



How many times have you been happily munching away at candy, only to discover that the sweet deliciousness has already run out, and you’ve been left licking your hand for the past three minutes? We’ve all been there. So until we find a way to create a Willy Wonka-esque Everlasting Gobstopper, assuage your desires for infinite amounts of sweetness with some of our GIANT candy products! They’re the gift that keeps on giving, certain to make your holidays BIGGER and better than ever!

If you love gummies but hate facing the moment the bag runs out, then turn instead to some of our mega-sized chewy treats! Clocking in at 4.5 pounds, Astro World’s Largest Gummy Bear is over 1,000 times the size of the gummy ursine average. That makes for quite a bit of snacking! And this 2-Foot Green and Red Gummy Worm is a soft and squishy replica of his soil-bound brethren… only this guy’s about 125 times larger and far more delicious!

What’s better than a Sugar Daddy Caramel Pop? Why, an entire pound of Sugar Daddy Caramel Pop, of course! Same goes for this larger-than-life 4-Inch Jawbreaker — it weighs about 2 pounds, so discovering a way to eat it might just take some advanced astrophysics. And if you’re starting to bore of plain old pops, take a look at this Giant 9-Inch Psychedelic Swirl Lollipop! Because there’s nothing less boring (or more awesome!) than a sucker bigger than your own head. (Plus, giant candies make great gift ideas)!

For more BIG candy fun, check out our entire selection of Giant Sweets!


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