Too Old for PEZ? Who Says!

Good-vs-Evil2PEZ-line-02pez-disney-princess-127111-emIf staging a battle between Hello Kitty and Darth Vader sounds like something that could only occur in a parallel universe, then it’s about time you acquaint yourself with the universe of PEZ marvel-pez-126084-em! Unless your bowl of mints can double as an awesome collectible, or your figurine collection has learned how to feed you candy, then nothing quite compares to the wonder of a PEZ head. Best of all? We’ve got plenty! Check out some of our favorites below!

Visit our video section to check out all the PEZ action! They’re the next big thing… and we seriously mean BIG. These Giant PEZ Heads measure over a foot tall, and each holds up to 12 rolls of candy. Watch as Hello Kitty shows off her dance moves, and Darth Vader shows off some heavy breathing skills!

kiss-pez-candy-131440-emWhether you’re a fan of Disney Princesses or Marvel Superheroes, the music of KISS or the sweet voice of Minnie Mouse, there’s a PEZ collection to suit every fancy.

Want more? Check out all our PEZ candies here!


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